Click’s 2014 Comic-Con Guide is Now Available!

click comic con 01Click Communications’ 7th Annual
Comic-Con Survival Guide
Has Arrived!

As the ever-growing swarm that is Comic-Con descends upon us, we are proud to unveil the 7th issue of the Click Communications Comic-Con Survival Guide!

With every topic from superheroes and Young Adult novel adaptations to video games and toy exclusives, this guide will give you minutes, possibly tens of them, of enjoyment as you stand in the inevitable lines to get your badges, toys or a seat for panels. Plus, if you open The Guide with Adobe Reader on your mobile device you can enjoy skipping around through the interactive features!

Want to learn more? Head on over to our blog where we’ve broken down some additional details:

No time for that? No worries, we’ve got a straight-up download link for you as well!:

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