11 Comics To Binge Read

New comics are great but waiting a month for the next one is pretty tough going so here are some comics that are either finished or really far on and […]

New comics are great but waiting a month for the next one is pretty tough going so here are some comics that are either finished or really far on and perfect for bringing mass amounts for a few months at a time. I’m going to try and stay away from the obvious ones (Batman, Deadpool, new 52 etc) as even though they are amazing you have probably already read them so I will try and highlight some maybe more lesser known.

1. Airboy (Image comics)

Kicking off is the shortest run of the lot only four issues but my God what a run. The writers of a comic find themselves joining forces with the main character of the comic after an evening of drink and drugs turns south. An amazingly debauched story with Stark differences between the two worlds and how they are drawn and coloured. It may be short but is still well worth a read.

2. Hack/Slash – (Devils due/Image comics)

One of my first forays into a proper comic binge. Cassie Hack’s mum is a serial killer who kills the kids who bully her and serve them up at the school lunches and kills herself when caught. She comes back as a ‘slasher’ and it’s Cassie who has to take her down leading to a life of killing the undead with her friend Vlad. As with many on this list of mine, this is a dark, gory comic that is beautifully drawn and well written

3. Fables (Vertigo)

Nursery rhymes are not just for kids in this run of comics. Your favourite characters have been forced out of their homelands and live in upstate New York. Hidden from the ‘Mundys’ they go about their business like normal everyday immortals do. It’s a brilliant twist to the characters with their popularity affecting their vulnerability. Bigby the big bad wolf is sheriff and goldilocks is an assassin while they figure out a way to overthrow the evil emperor and get back home. Such a great run that crosses over with a separate run of Jack of all tales.

4.The Boys – (Wildstorm/Dynamite)

An ultra-violent ultra gory tale of a group of vigilantes who keep the superheroes in check. The basis is that superheroes are arseholes they think they are above the law and don’t think about the consequences of what they do on the everyday joe. The Boys aim to fix that and hold them accountable. This has some seriously funny moments and even more SERIOUSLY WTF moments

5. Chew (Image)

Tony Chu is a cibopath and can tell the history of whatever he has eaten. This leads to him being brilliant if a little gross Detective for the FDA who can solve crimes by eating a bit of the suspect/victim and getting the clues he needs to crack the case. Again some pretty out there ideas but an amazing comic

6. Preacher (Vertigo)

One of my absolute favourite comics it is just balls out crazy. If you have seen the show and thought it was mental then times it by about 50 and you get the comics. The characters are well developed and the story is really good. A preacher with the voice of ‘Genesis’ an Irish vampire, a Saint of killers and Arseface to name but a few of the unbelievable characters you get to enjoy in an iconic series that is just brilliant.

7. Kick-Ass (icon)

If you thought Hit-Girl was graphic in the films of the same name then wait til you see her in the comic! A running trend in my list this is another ultra-violent ultra gory comic that is as funny as it is violent. Brightly coloured and a great story made even better by the youth of the characters

8. Transmetropolitan (Helix/Vertigo)

Spider Jerusalem is a gonzo journalist in the future who is forced back into the city from his quiet heavily boobytrapped mountain getaway to finish his book deal. The future is messed up and Spiders angry no-nonsense hatred of everything leads to a great read as you follow his path of debauchery to get his stories

9. The Walking Dead (Image)

How can I not include the Walking dead it’s just simply amazing. If you have watched the TV program don’t let it put you off reading the comic as it is different enough that it is still exciting but similar enough that you love the characters just as much as their TV versions. It’s awesome to read and watch them both and spot the scenes that come straight from the comics and see the changes in character dynamics.

10. American Vampire (Vertigo)

This series mainly follows Skinner Sweet and his adventures throughout history. Skinner is a vampire but a new breed, not the old school type as he is impervious to sunlight and stronger than they are. As it turns out the vampire gene reacts differently with different types of blood and creates different ‘species’ of vampires each with their own strengths and weaknesses. This is a brilliant take on vampires and changes up the usual story and gives them all unique qualities and is interesting to see how they all fit in with each other

11. The Losers (Vertigo)

Turns out I really like Vertigo comics. A little different with this one though as it’s not really uber violent or ultra gory. It is really good though and really funny and full of action. There is a film version of it that stays pretty faithful and gets the characters spot on but the comics have more back story and more detail in the tale. Not a massive run of issues but is a brilliant read and loads happens in the story to make it well worth a read

There, that’s 11 of my favourite comics to binge on I hope it inspires some of you to read them too

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