Comic Review: Superman #11 (DC Comics)

“Life’s not fair, son. But we do our best with what, and who, we have.” World’s Smallest concludes and man, this is probably one of the best issues or comics […]

“Life’s not fair, son. But we do our best with what, and who, we have.”

World’s Smallest concludes and man, this is probably one of the best issues or comics that have been released throughout 2016 thus far! After Damian (Robin) and Jon (Superboy) had disobeyed and frustrated their super father’s due to their bad behavior against one another, the fathers decide to give their son’s a series of tests. Should they ever want to wear their capes and masks, they would have to learn to cooperate as a unit in order to earn their right as Robin and Superboy.  This issue really channels what makes these two sons so uniquely similar as they are different from their legendary father figures.

What I enjoy about this issue, let alone this series thus far is the focus on legacy, and the importance of preserving that legacy in a positive way. Jon (Superboy) and Damian (Robin) may be sons of Superman and Batman, but if they are to ever take up the mantles down the road, they must learn how to set aside their differences when situations require them to, as it did for their fathers. The Super-Sons may be young, but they show a glimpse of a great partnership like their predecessors (Kon-El and Tim Drake pre 52/ new 52), and may one day surpass their own fathers, which would be a sight to see in a future storyline should Tomasi and Gleason dabble in that storyline down the road. Aside from potential story points, this issue had tons of highlights full of hilariously executed moments aside from well-illustrated ones! I may not work at DC , and this pitch would be pointless, but I’d love to see an issue where Tomasi and Gleason do an issue with Supergirl and Batgirl, or even Superwoman and Batwoman, heck the Super and Bat Families..but I think they may do that down the road anyway.

While Dan Jurgen’s brings more mystery, and well paced intrigue in his Action Comics run, Tomasi and Gleason deliver fun, fast paced , action and humor in their book. Both books focus on heart, and this comic is no different. Tomasi and Gleason really understand their characters and knows how to organically tell a story with timed moments of humor, action, suspense and awe. Gleason’s art on this is so stylistically awesome as they are powerfully fun. It’s so strong yet cartoony, but fits the tone of this book as usual. He draws tons of sequential pages in ways that make the book flow as much as the story. Mick Grey, Mark Morales, and Christian Alamy do a fantastic job on the inks, and John Kalisz colors are energetic in a fitting style that correlates with the art well. Rob Leigh’s does what he does consistently with the letters, and the whole team in unison knock the book out the park.  I have to add that there is something appealing about seeing characters grow and enter into new territory such as parenthood ( which is working fantastic wonders for Gerry Conway and Ryan Stegman’s Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows series for Marvel).  It’s great to see these characters grow just as much as readers grow up along with these characters vice versa. A definite must for any casual reader or Superman fan and a definite must for hardcore Superman/Batman fans.

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