Movie Review: The Boss Baby (20th Century Fox)

A hilarious look at what happens when a new baby comes into a family. ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]There’s a secret war going on between who is cuter: babies or […]

A hilarious look at what happens when a new baby comes into a family.

There’s a secret war going on between who is cuter: babies or puppies. So far the babies are losing. It’s up to the Boss Baby and his crack team to infiltrate the family of 7-year-old Tim and shift the balance back in favor of babies. But to Tim, he’s not sure if what he’s seeing is real or just his imagination. 

The Boss Baby is directed by Tom McGrath, who also directed Madagascar. McGrath does an excellent telling the story here. The entire film is told through flashback and narrated by Toby McGuire, who is the older Tim. 

Miles Christopher Bakshi voices the 7-year-old Tim. Tim is an only child with a highly overactive imagination. He has the love of his Mom and Dad (Lisa Kudrow and Jimmy Kimmel). His parents both work for a pet company and are working on secret projects.

The trouble starts when Baby Corp send the Baby Boss (Alec Baldwin) to see what Tim’s parents are working on. Tim thinks he knows where babies come from, but is totally confused when the Boss Baby arrives in a taxi. To Tim, it seems like the baby is taking up all his parents time and love, but Tim is in for a huge shock when he hears the baby talk.

Baldwin is spot on as the Boss Baby. Commanding and in control all the time, it works. 

I have to admit this film is a lot of fun and yet has a lot of heart. Of course there some very silly scenes in it, but the bottom message is there’s always enough love.

The Boss Baby is a great family film. All ages here. Of course, there are some jokes and references your kids aren’t going to get, but I always feel adding those to a family film, makes it more enjoyable for the adults as well. 

The Boss Baby opens nationwide March 31.

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