Comic Review: Dissonance #1 (IDW)

Image Comics releases a Sci-Fi adventure comic series of Dissonance on its first issue. The first when I saw this, I thought that every other comic series should make a […]

Image Comics releases a Sci-Fi adventure comic series of Dissonance on its first issue.

The first when I saw this, I thought that every other comic series should make a story of a Sci-Fi genre, unlike Saga or Mass Effect every comic takes to a different level. It’s like the world of comics is set by its rules: every comic artist should try making a Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre story. Dissonance is one of them, it is more likely to have such an imagination from the artist to make monsters that portrayed as normal alien civilians.

So anyway, the story takes place in the future while the humans are still living on planet Earth. But there are some creatures where the earth is populated with non-ordinary humans which are so-called Fantasmen. They didn’t waste their time and made an agreement with the humans on planet Earth in exchange for the endless knowledge and power that they never had before. So they draw their spirits to the humans and became as a great use to the Fantasmen, think about having an imaginary friend and wished that he/she will be on your side and then it became real. But all the other humans have a disagreement that they would not side with the Fantasmen and attempts to purify all humans back to normal. The Herviett siblings like Folke and Roisia had some issues since their family died, Roisia had some flashbacks between her childhood, but somehow she is more determined to be strong, but something is different between the siblings.

The story is fascinating, unlike the other Sci-Fi comics, Dissonance portrays the whole planet to have everyone to live in peace, humans, Fantasmen. But the Fantasmen, they don’t fuck it up, what they do is they maintain peace with humans, even though there are civilians of Terra Fantasme were using holograms to transport the data to Earth. Surely the story has a complicated plot where the siblings had a complicated relationship since their parents died, things are getting so much drama around. However, they build and wrote an engaging story which will make the readers feel inspired to read this comic. The art and designs of the comic, Sami Basri is the creator of Power Girl or Witchblade. His art is mostly based of the DC comics style, but his background is unknown on what comics he made during his work at DC comics, but as for this comic, the artist made some slight details of the figures, even he uses his imagination to draw aliens. The background is excellent to see someone draw such beautiful landscapes of the planet, however, the composition of the art on this comic is more of any kind of art that I’ve ever seen because the story is much more updated as Sami does the illustrations which makes the readers much more easier to read. I would recommend to anyone to get this book, because if you’re a fan of that artist, then this won’t disappoint you, the story is great and it would make sure that your life would change if you read this comic.

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