SDCC Exclusives Have Become Not So Exclusive!

Spending hard earned money on exclusives only to find out it will no longer be exclusive SMH! Before I start this is one person’s opinion and does not reflect the […]

Spending hard earned money on exclusives only to find out it will no longer be exclusive SMH!

Before I start this is one person’s opinion and does not reflect the opinion of Fanboy Factor or any of its affiliates.  2018 was my second time going to San Diego Comic Con. Obviously, for news sites, blogs, fans, and collectors this is the pinnacle of all shows. Slated as the top convention it’s understandable how difficult it is to obtain Con Exclusives. You wait in line for hours hoping to grab that one thing you would die to have in your collection only to either walk away with it or find out it is sold out ie the Mezco exclusives sold out in less than 24 hours. Bummed, you walk away knowing you are either going to pay inflated prices or you’re just out of luck. What’s your point you ask?  Well even though you are either disappointed or excited the mere idea of Con Exclusives makes you realize this is the one show that is on everyone’s bucket list and you plan on walking away with something exclusive right? Well not exactly.

I am not here to offend anyone and although what I say may do that it is not meant to. Those that fund their trip to the show via inflated exclusives, those that go to support themselves by selling exclusives, those that collect bitch and moan because the only way to get these is by paying overinflated prices can all agree they should remain exclusives.  I understand why it goes on and I can agree that they should remain exclusives. I to have paid the inflated prices to get one of those items I was wanting.

Now that I have laid the groundwork this is why I rant today. There was an exclusive item of 4 figures released at SDCC that suddenly was split into 4 separate packs and is being released as another exclusive to one particular store.  This is not about bashing both companies for wanting to make money but to rant about how unfair to collectors and sellers alike that their exclusive is no longer exclusive. Granted it was originally sold as a four pack and now as individuals but I’ve seen mixed feelings on this. Those of you who are taking shots at those angered by the devalued product due to rerelease should understand going to SDCC is not cheap. Average price depending on where you are coming from is 1500 to 2000 dollars for trip, hotel, and not to mention food. We can argue all day long as to why that is or isn’t your problem and why you should or shouldn’t care. If you are buying the exclusive one way or another it should remain an exclusive not rereleased  6 months later in a different package. There are several companies that do this pretty often with single figure releases. I won’t name names but let’s just say one of them is up north.

This angers me as a collector. I served my time in line to purchase two exclusives that I wanted. No, I didn’t buy extra or sold the ones I have. They sit in my collection and will remain there. I did, however, open them to review for the site and placed them back in their boxes because I wanted to. I may sell them someday as I have done a million times before with other items, but for now, I’ll keep them. If I wait in line or I watch eBay or I pay someone to pick it up for me I should not be punished or ostracized because I’m angry that my then exclusive is now just fodder. We that stood in line deserve for our items to remain exclusives it is irrelevant that we keep for collection or sell to make a profit or fund a trip they are sold as an exclusive and should remain just that an exclusive. If they want to resell then change the figure slightly not just the package.  For those who didn’t get the items, I am happy you get a chance to fill out your collection. This was never a dig at the collector’s everyone deserves a shot at something they want I just don’t agree with how it’s handled.

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