Is The Thrill Of The Hunt Gone?

Brick and mortar stores are not what they use to be! So I pose a question to all collectors who continue to shop at the brick and mortar stores. With […]

Brick and mortar stores are not what they use to be!

So I pose a question to all collectors who continue to shop at the brick and mortar stores. With the closing of Toys R Us and other toy chains and the lack of increase of product at the stores who promised to increase production to make up for our loss has your drive to go hunting in the wild lost its thrill?

Being a collector as long as I have, I began to lose my love for the hunt. Lack of product, scalpers hitting before anyone has a chance to buy, people returning peg warmers from other stores because they thought they had something and internet companies delivering product that is difficult to find out in the wild pretty much speaks volumes.

Now mind you I am not singling out anyone in particular when it comes to selling product. You have the right to do what you need to do. Although I do not agree with it I think it’s a bit unfair for the rest of us trying to buy for collecting. However, this has been going on for years now so as long as people are willing to pay it will continue. My issue is with the big box stores who promised when Toys R US closed they would increase their toy volume to accommodate for the loss. Well? Where is the increase? I have hit several stores as I do travel around a lot for this and there is no huge increase in fact if anything it’s still the same old half empty aisle as usual. A few peg warmers including Star Wars Figures from Rogue One, and older Marvel Legends.

Now they did add Mego which has their own end cap but I have only seen them in one store so far. I’m starting to ramble but you get the point. With TRU gone the hunt has lost its appeal and I find myself buying online more and more. Which yes the excitement of getting a package in the mail makes it worthwhile but as collectors, you realize nothing feels quite as good as buying it out in the wild.  Feelings of being unable to wait until you get home to examine your find. I have a friend who has to open in his car because his excitement is so overwhelming he feels like a kid again. Unless you’re one of those it is hard to explain the feeling to those who don’t hunt.

I do not want to forget my local comic shops they can and will work with you on getting stuff in but they are also held back by the distributors. I’ve heard stories of them getting something they ordered 2 years later.

Bottom line I gave up the thrill for the score instead. I miss driving from store to store hoping to find what I am looking for but in the end, the disappointment and cost of gas outweighed the desire to be out there. Now I just preorder my stuff and try to get as excited as if I found in the wild. It’s just not the same though. Thanks, big box stores for not keeping your promises.

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