Toy Review: Rise Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Basic Action Figures (Playmates)

Playmates brings us the latest incarnation of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! A new version of the Turtles means a new set of Turtle toys. This time around, the Turtles are […]

Playmates brings us the latest incarnation of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

A new version of the Turtles means a new set of Turtle toys. This time around, the Turtles are different species of turtles, which really makes for some interesting figures. 

Playmates send me all four of the Turtles and the main villain Baron Draxum.

Starting with the bad guy first, Baron Draxum is the Turtles main foil in the new series. He sees himself as the self-proclaimed master of all mutants. The figure is about 5″ high, with about 12 points of articulation. He comes with 2 permanently attached mutates on his shoulders and another 2 mutates that can be placed near his feet. His weapons are 2 Oozequitoes blasters that clip onto each wrist. 

Donatello is a softshell turtle, so his shell is a removable tech-shell. I think this is a really cool feature. He also comes with a teched out bo-staff and an energy staff. On his left wrist is what looks like a little computer screen. He comes with a drone that can attach to his shell. Finally, he comes with 2 throwing star like weapons. There are about 13 points of articulation and enough flexibility that he can hold his staff with 2 hands.

Leonardo is a red-eared slider turtle. Instead of his usual dual katanas, he comes with a large odachi sword, as well as a mystical one as well. There is a clip on the back of this shell where you can hold either sword, as well as 2 throwing stars. Again, nice flexibility again so Leonardo can hold the sword in both hands. He comes with a skateboard as well. Peg holes in the feet make it easy for Leonard to ride the skateboard. 

Michaelangelo is a box turtle and like Leonardo, comes with a skateboard. For his weapons, he has a three-section-staff and 2 different kusari-fundo, which look likes a mace on a chain. What’s really entertaining is one of the kusari-fundos has a boxing glove on it. As a comic guy that grew up in the 70’s, it’s a nice homage to Green Arrow and Green Lantern. No clue if that was the intention, but I still love it. Michaelangelo also comes with a packet of stickers. I assume you can use these to decorate the skateboard or shell. There is also a clip on his front you can attach one of the weapons to. Plus again, the 2 throwing stars.

Finally, there’s Raphael who comes with tonfas and not his trademark sais. Raphael is a snapping turtle and is larger than the other 3 Turtles. He has 2 clips on his belt to hold each tonfa. He comes with 2 mystical energy fists that fit over his hands. And like his brothers, 2 throwing stars. 

These figures are really incredible in the sculpts. They really look like they jumped out of the screen. Since 1988, Playmates Toys has been making Teenage Mutant Turtles toys and it’s amazing how much, year after year, they have improved and just increase play time. But at the same time, they are great for collectors as well. 

The best part of these toys is the price point. There are only $8.97 a pop! That is an excellent price point for a figure like this. 

These are a much buy for any Turtle fan or kids of all ages!

You can find the Rise Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle basic action figures at all retail stores today!

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