Comic Review: Die #1 (Image Comics)

Image Comics releases something that is very common of death or a game dice of DIE on its first issue. Now, this isn’t a horror comic like the Wytches Halloween […]

Image Comics releases something that is very common of death or a game dice of DIE on its first issue.

Now, this isn’t a horror comic like the Wytches Halloween comic edition that I’ve reviewed back then, but readers might going to get their asses confused about this. Well, it’s something that can get the dictionary and see what it means the word “Die.” But this is a fantasy comic though, and this comic is like taking you to another D&D world like Rick and Morty, but mostly I can’t say as a difference because the world that the creators are making is much more of a domestic dimension for teenagers.

So the plot of the story is that some kid had brought some six mysterious dices that hid from someone’s grandma’s secret basement. Then later, the children teleport to you know where, and disappeared into thin air just until they got back where they belong. It’s very random to have a story that can actually take you to the game world, but it almost thinks that you’ve played Final Fantasy Tactics Advance or Tactics Ogre. And those dices, I mean do these dices have some mysterious powers into it. I would like to know more about that kind of sorcery that this comic created. This is more like SwordQuest special edition. But what lies beyond the world of the dice, and how will they survive?

It’s a good thing today isn’t Friday the 13th, because this comic isn’t about death or whatsoever. It just explains as if you’re playing D&D. But this comic is likely makes you use the magical dice more than using the magical school bus. So anyway, the dice is like turning the tables all over because if any other person is a gamer, you know what will happen next. Either way, when the main character got older he felt so many regrets that he shouldn’t have done a long time ago. The dice is a curse, I don’t know for sure, but it held so much black magic into it and no one knows where did it come from. The story itself is something else as if you’re describing death. But the art is showing a lot of details, but whenever I see the environment of the world of the dice, it almost seemed that the artist had spent so much time in painting landscapes, but everything else seemed that they took it out on Photoshop and painted it very realistic. The only thing that I like about is the front cover, it shows so much power when something is drawing you in from the darkness, even though it came from the world of the dice. Little less to say, it was the kid Solomon who was keeping the dice just to show it with their friends. The art style is much realistic as the other comics that I’ve read. I would study her style and how she managed to make this comic for Image, then that would be great. If you rather read something that is related to D&D then this book of the dice is just for you.

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