Comic Review: Jim Henson’s The Power of the Dark Crystal Vol. 1 (BOOM! Studios)

BOOM! Studios brings you another fantasy comic which is a sequel from Jim Henson’s film and turned into a comic in The Power of the Dark Crystal on its first […]

BOOM! Studios brings you another fantasy comic which is a sequel from Jim Henson’s film and turned into a comic in The Power of the Dark Crystal on its first volume.

OK, now we’re gonna go back to the past now, and reflect all the classic movies that you’ve ever seen. The Dark Crystal is mostly is like another fantasy novel that you’ve ever read, but it’s really one of the most extraordinary high fantasy adventure films that you’ve ever watched in the 80s. And mostly the characters are used by animatronics just like The Muppets or whatever you go towards looking at the Evil Kermit meme. And of course, it was produced by Jim Henson, the same puppeteer who made these kinds of characters that makes more realism and cartoonish for children, but mostly took up with some other films like Star Wars Episode 5 and The Dark Crystal. But in this comic, it shows that the whole Jim Henson’s series didn’t die yet, and someone who is a fan of the film, actually made a sequel of it just to have something to continue from the movie.

So unlike any other fantasy comics and novels that you’ve read, this comic is mostly takes you back to the past, it’s mostly about crystals just like the Final Fantasy series. Unlike the film, this sequel takes place about a hundred years ago in another time when the land was barren and blighted just until the crystal cracks and was healed after because the crystal is the world’s salvation, but soon after that light and darkness were at balance, and who knows if this is actually a balance of light and darkness because somehow one of the characters of the story seemed to have desires to shatter the crystal and history repeats itself, and mostly start a war to fight over the entities of peace and destruction. And all of the entire kingdoms are actually fighting over a Fireling child and prevent him from breaking the crystal. But what the Fireling child is doing is to convince the Gelflings to share the light crystal in order to save her people. The story itself is like Final Fantasy, but before the game was released in 1987, and this film was actually inspired for future projects. But whatever is in case of the story is that this sequel takes so much in common, because mostly the kingdom wanted to imprison the fire child just to prevent to break the crystal, and then the young Gelfling helps her just to find her way, I wonder what will happen next?

The story is just like the movie, and now that I’ve learned about it, it’s stunning to have such realism in fantasy comics. To be fair, this is just like an alternative to Final Fantasy and The Dragon Prince but the film was made in 1982, and the whole story is quite amazing, to begin with. It’s beautiful, tranquil, yet too realistic to recognize this world as a dream, but overall it’s really epic. Jim Henson made some effort to make this movie. The characters are displayed as the puppets from the movie, but in this comic, it shows that most of these characters are elves, monsters, and spirits to be exact. Even so, the whole movie was focused to pose the characters as animatronics, but on this comic, it shows much more cartoony and realism, but mostly the background and the landscape art of this comic is much beautiful as ever seen. Not to mention, the characters from the movie has puppets, the artist illustrated these characters very well as if you’re observing the character designs of some fantasy artists that you’ve ever seen or painted before. Well anyway, the sequel of The Dark Crystal may be epic, but this would be another success to the first one. If you rather want to continue where the story of the film has left off, then this sequel is just for you.

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