Comic Review: Garfield: Homecoming (BOOM! Studios)

BOOM! Studios Comics releases a graphic novel of your old favorite Sunday newspaper comics made by Jim Davis in Garfield: Homecoming. What do you get when you grab some of […]

BOOM! Studios Comics releases a graphic novel of your old favorite Sunday newspaper comics made by Jim Davis in Garfield: Homecoming.

What do you get when you grab some of the artists who are a fan of Garfield, put another adaptation comics just like 24 Panels and Problem of Susan and Other Stories, and bring out the usual Jim Davis creations in style, you get this graphic novel right out of a Spiderman: Homecoming movie. This is a full graphic novel but when other artists come in, it’s an adaptation comic now, with all the chapters drawn by different artists which will make more fun to read, however, the art is somehow confusing as if these artists wanted to develop their art styles just like Jim’s art style himself. And this is more than just any other newspaper comics that you’ve read.

The first thing that you should know is the story itself, it starts with the book called “How to Unspoil your Spoiled Cat” by Dr. Emso Rongg, aka a scammer and a thief, written by what was his name? Dr. Michael McDoesn’t Exist. Garfield begins breaking the fourth wall and started narrating about how that book that changed his life. But the problem is that Jon is too stingy, he just wanted to make Garfield not to be lazy or eating a lot of junk food. So Jon started going through with that daily routine with Garfield and made him very strict as any other spoiled parent and child would do. Then Garfield ran away from home because of his new rules that he set up for him. You’d think that you paid attention to that book makes you think that you’re that stupid, even with a dumb pronunciation “Unspoil”? Yeah, congratulations! You just spoiled your cat with your unfair rules, that’s the most abusive thing that anyone ever heard. They should have called this whole comic “Garfield’s Big Fat Runaway Adventure”, because Garfield is much more hilarious and important to read than Jon’s stupid scammer’s book, oh and yes, let’s talk about Jon for a minute.

You ever noticed on every Sunday newspaper comics that Jon is described for being geeky and clumsy than Garfield, but he raised at a farm since he was born, Jon still has many things to learn about the real world and engages in city life. He just makes enough money to provide food for himself and his pets. Even for him, he’s the reason that he became a running gag of the series. Even for that Garfield likes to manipulate him just to bring more food to his cat, especially lasagna. But in this comic, Jon is too focused on that stupid book, the last thing that he would do is to find Garfield, but according to that scammer’s book, it says: “If your cat leaves, do not go after him. This will only lead to more spoiled behavior!” What it actually said on the book is all nonsense because if you lost your pet and worried about it, YOU should go find him, end of the story. So on with the story, Jon kept depending on that stupid book which is full of nonsense, Garfield roams around the town and have some places to go, like the circus, a rich family’s house aka the house of English Garfield, and I guess there’s some crazy old woman who films her cats and posts it on the internet like crazy. I mean, what’s her deal anyway? Does she intend to make one of her cats as a cutest product, or is she doing this as a hobby? That’s Garfield’s Big Adventure and you know it.

So let’s talk about the art, besides Jim Davis’ art, we find some artists who are willing to draw Garfield and every now and then, whenever I go on to a very different chapter of the book, it constantly changes its art style with a different illustrator. This comic is drawn by some different artists who is a fan of Garfield comics. So every illustration that you go on every page shows that these illustrators had done some different character designs for our old Garfield and friends. As if Jim Davis is taking on a challenge about drawing your or anyone’s character in a different or in your own style. That’s right, are you surprised that I know about it? Why should you be? It’s actually a really good art meme that I can draw whatever character I like. Whenever I go to that challenge I observe of some artists drawn their characters in Simpsons form or Adventure Time form, it’s actually a tradition. If you don’t believe me, then Google “draw in different styles” where it actually shows every image of their characters drawn in different forms. And don’t try to tell me that it’s not the challenge, you know in your heart that it is, don’t lie to yourself, this is 2019 right now at its self-awareness to the internet. It means that anyone, even I could do a self-aware project, why not? The internet exists, webcomics exist, social media exists, even I exist. Their work and mine are more important than anything else right now.

Ok, so I’m gonna wrap this up, this graphic novel is actually so fun to read to know Garfield ran away from home, I already enjoyed the old Garfield comics since childhood, it was a fun ride for Garfield and friends. Even as for that the whole Garfield series keeps their fans and readers entertained for reading Sunday comics while parents are looking over some so-called “Fake News” Hahahahahaha, that’s hilarious. Alright, that’s it, if you rather read up more of hilarious Garfield comics like this one, then this is for you.

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