Toy Fair 2019 Wrap Up: Favorite Moments of The Show

Oh, do my back and legs so hate me today. My second Toy Fair has come and gone. What an overload of information product and fun. It is difficult to […]

Oh, do my back and legs so hate me today.

My second Toy Fair has come and gone. What an overload of information product and fun. It is difficult to pinpoint an exact favorite of the show. Everyone brought their A game of products. Mezco as always showed off some great One:12 figures, as well as introduced their 5-inch line with licenses like Scooby Doo which includes unmasked villains which has yet to be done. McFarlane Toys showed off accessories for Fortnite one that stood out to me was the metal shopping cart, Jazware’s Fornite 12 inch figure and the Bunny Brawler 6inch reveal with multiple faces. Tamashii Nations Gundam action figure line, DC Collectibles finally releasing a Red Hood action figure both for animated series and comic series, Diamond Select Toys John Wick with his second dog and so much more.  I will get into more detail with the articles that will follow behind this one.

I would say my favorite part of the show was all the great people I met.  The reps we met with were all outstanding. We are looking forward to working closely with them and sharing the wonderful products they work hard to bring out every year.  Ashley at Jazwares is one who stands out the most to me as she went above and beyond to bring review samples to the show. With as busy as they get prepping for the show for her to remember and to give us the samples she did show me that they don’t think of us as just another press outlet. Zack from Diamond Select Toys was great being able to chat with you on the ride in.  Guess our appointment began and lasted a lot longer than expected lol.

The other thing is meeting some of the great people from other press outlets and how friendly they were and welcoming to me even though most of them I have never met before this weekend. I am bad at names so I’ll use a speed racer reference to refer to the ones I met. Pops (DJ) you were awesome and a blast to listen to and talk with. Trixie (Sam) you were funny and you are a take no shit kind of girl love it. Racer X (James) you have a hell of a grip my hand still hurts, and take care of yourself seems a lot of people love you and worry about you.  The fact that we all could sit together chat and not look at each other as competition really sets the standard in developing relationships in the industry.  You made me realize that instead of worrying about other sites and worrying about getting the jump that I just need to focus on what I do. There are billions of people in the world and more than enough audience to go around for all of us. It is not about being better than anyone else but about just being me and being passionate about my work and love of the industry. There are those who hold animosity towards others because of one reason or another but in the end, we all are doing what we love and should just be happy for each other and what we all accomplish.  I am letting go of my need to be better than others and they should too.  Let’s just be happy for each other and all that we can accomplish.  Brian (Chief of the site) was nice to hang and work as a team to build relationships with companies.  This is Fanboy Factor reboot 2.0. Great things are coming for us as a site.

So if I am forced to pick one product that stood above and beyond all others and as hard as it is to pick I would say, McFarlane, stepping up their game with articulation and licensing although we have not seen what your DC line looks like yet I have faith  you will deliver as you have with other lines.  It was just a great and fun show all around. I look forward to more this year.

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