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Craig Of The Creek is a TV show from Cartoon Network. And I would let my nephew and niece watch this show. It reminds me of Recess, Kids Next Door, […]

Craig Of The Creek is a TV show from Cartoon Network. And I would let my nephew and niece watch this show.

It reminds me of Recess, Kids Next Door, and Rugrats. The shows stars Craig Williams who is voiced by Philip Solomon. Craig is a 9-year-old boy who loves being at the local creek and hanging out with his friends Kelsey and J.P., Kelsey Bern who was voiced by Georgie Kidder (pilot, S01, Ep 1-3) and then by Noël Wells (S01 Ep 4-onwards). Kelsey is a 9-year-old girl with a pet parakeet named Mortimer. She is very adventures, love reading books and carries a PVC pipe sword and wears a purple cape., John Paul “J.P.” Mercer who is voiced by H. Michael Croner. J.P. is the oldest of the three (13-year-old). He wears an oversized hockey jersey and has a habit of getting dirty. The 13 episodes that I got to watch were

  1. Itch to Explore” – Discovering that there’s an unmapped part of the Creek in the center of the Poison Ivy Grove, Craig sets out to discover what waits for him there and become a legend among his peers, only to realize something is stalking him through the ivy.
  2. You’re It” – While out playing at the soda bottle races, the Creek Kids are terrorized by a years-long running game of tag. Kelsey is its latest victim and Craig and J.P. resolve to have Kelsey tag someone worthy of carrying the burden. However, Kelsey is too honorable to have someone suffer her fate and threatens to leave the Creek for good.
  3. Jessica Goes to the Creek” – When Craig and Jessica are locked out of the house, Craig has no choice but to bring his little sister to the Creek where he, Kelsey and J.P. have been trying to draw up plans to defend their stump, but Jessica insists that she stick to her schedule. Meanwhile, Jason wants revenge on Craig and his friends for taking the last of the Scouts favorite snacks from the Trading Tree.
  4. The Final Book” – The last book of Kelsey’s favorite fantasy series, Ythrith of Scriggth, goes missing from the library, so Craig decides to help her solve the mystery of who took it. The Stump Kids seemingly hit a dead end, until a book Craig himself has been reading gives him the answers he needs.
  5. Too Many Treasures” – Craig cannot stop collecting junk which he deems as treasure. His mother insists that he picks things he “wants” and things he “needs”. Soon, Craig is put to the challenge when he must get a replacement part for the stump and enlists the bike riding 10 Speeds to take him to the legendary Junk Pile where he encounters the Junk Lord.
  6. Wildernessa” – Due to what was perceived as improperly taking care of a turtle, Craig and his friends are visited by Wildernessa and her Tibetan Mastiff, Cheesesticks, who teach them to properly care for animals. Inspired, Kelsey takes up the cause but realizes that she may be in over her head.
  7. Sunday Clothes” – J.P. has a terrible habit of dirtying his clothes and his sister, Laura, tells him he should be more cautious about where he goes and what he does. With all of his clothes in the wash, J.P. decides to wear his Sunday clothes, forcing Craig and Kelsey to keep him clean.
  8. Escape from Family Dinner” – While doing advanced math homework, Craig learns that there is an epic water balloon fight at the creek. Unfortunately, his parents have decided to have a barbecue dinner and Craig is forced to stay. He resolves to find a way to get out, but none of his plans seem to work and he feels overwhelmed.
  9.  “Monster in the Garden” – Craig, Bernard and Jessica are dropped off at their grandparents for the weekend. Grandpa Earl tells Craig about a mysterious creature that breaks into his garden and is eating his vegetables. Craig then resolves to capture this “Vegan Werewolf” by any means necessary.
  10.  “The Curse” – The Stump Kids discover that someone is using their stump for witchcraft. They discover the witches (actually two teenage goths named Tabitha and Courtney) who amused by their misconception decide to “curse” them. After receiving a string of bad luck, the trio decides to get the “witches” to undo the curse.
  11. Dog Decider” – With his fear of making decisions, Craig decides to join the Fredites, a cult that worships a dog named Fred for his supposed decision-making abilities. Craig comes to rely on Fred, which annoys Kelsey, but when he decides to stray from the dog’s decision, Fred disappears and the Fredites blame Craig.
  12. Bring Out Your Beast” – Craig wants to play a card game called Bring Out Your Beast. He decides to take Bernard’s vintage card collection, due to him not playing it anymore, to play and discovers the powerful Beast Snare card. Due to its infamy, Craig tries to get rid of it, but someone ends up taking it and using it to steal other players’ cards.
  13.  “Lost in the Sewers” – The Stump Kids head to the sewers at the request of the Sewer Queen to chart a map for it. When the Sewer Queen is washed away by a flood, Craig decides to take the lead in finding her and getting out. However, Craig is really bad at directions as the team gets lost in their maze-like predicament.
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