Toy Review: Marvel Legends Hercules (Hasbro)

The Lion of Olympus gets a new look! #FreeProduct In case you never heard, Hercules is part of both the Roman and Greek myths. This is a character that has […]

The Lion of Olympus gets a new look! #FreeProduct

In case you never heard, Hercules is part of both the Roman and Greek myths. This is a character that has been used by many comic books publishers throughout the years. But the most popular comic version is Marvel Comics’. 

Hercules first appeared Journey into Mystery Annual #1 (1965) when Thor has a battle with him. In the end, the two become friends. Since then, Hercules has been an Avenger, a member of the Champions, a member of Heroes For Hire, and had several successful comic series.

This is the second version of Hercules we got from Hasbro. His look is based on designs from writer Dan Abnett and artist Luke Ross, as he appeared in the comic Hercules #1 (January 2016). I’m personally loving this look. It’s an updated look, but still has classic elements to it. 

This is a great sculpt. There are so many little details here. Folds in the clothes. The lion face on the belt. Heck, even the chest hair on Hercules’ chest! That’s detail! Great detail in the face as well. There was a little paint slop around his eyes, but nothing really major. 

Hercules has a strap across his chest that doubles as a weapons holder. The two weapons are a large sword and an axe-mace. The axe-mace is really a nasty looking weapon. Both weapons fit easily within the holster on Hercules’ back. Nice and snug.

Hercules also comes with two sets of hands. One is a pair of fists. The others are gripping hands to hold his weapons. I did have a minor issue when changing hands. One of his bracelets wasn’t glued on so it fell off. This is just an assembly line issue that does occasionally happen. 

You get all the points of articulation you can expect with all Marvel Legends. 

Finally, Hercules comes with Thanos’ head.

On a side note, when I do look at this figure, I can almost see a potential for an Inhuman Gorgon figure here.

I’m seriously loving this figure and I love the new costume.

Many thanks to Hasbro for sending Hercules to us to review!

You can find Hercules at retail stores or you can buy directly from Hasbro Pulse.

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