AHOY Comics Goes Back to Press for Second Printing of the SECOND COMING Debut Issue

The First Printing of the Highly Anticipated Series is Sold Out at the Distributor The Hotly Debated Satire Has Been The Subject of Widespread Controversy and the Target of An […]

The First Printing of the Highly Anticipated Series is Sold Out at the Distributor

The Hotly Debated Satire Has Been The Subject of Widespread Controversy and the Target of An Online Petition

AHOY Comics is going back to press for a second printing of the controversial, satirical SECOND COMING comic book series by New York Times bestselling writer Mark Russell and acclaimed artists Richard Pace and Leonard Kirk. Both the SECOND COMING main cover by Amanda Conner and the variant cover by Richard Pace are sold out at Diamond, just a day after their release. The second printing will feature Amanda Conner’s art for the first issue cover, along with a re-colored logo, and will go on sale on August 14, 2019, timed to the release of issue 2. 

“It’s been extremely gratifying to hear the response from fans who finally have had the chance to read SECOND COMING for themselves,” said Eisner-nominated comic book writer Mark Russell. “When the controversy broke on the FOX News website and the petition was created to stop its publication, we heard from all the outraged people who hadn’t even read the comic. The comic was called blasphemous, inappropriate and irresponsible, so the positive reception this week has been wonderful because I feel like we’re all finally being heard.”

In SECOND COMING, God commands Earth’s mightiest superhero, Sunstar, to accept Jesus Christ as his roommate and teach Him how to use His power in a… more powerful way. Jesus, shocked at the way humans have twisted his message over two millennia, vows to straighten it out. AHOY Comics’ publication has received widespread press coverage, including the NEW YORK TIMES, BBC BRASIL, DAILY KOS, DEADLINE HOLLYWOOD, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, the NEW YORK POST, POLYGON, and SYFY, with widespread accolades and acclaim from the comic trade press.

“We generously over-printed both covers for SECOND COMING’s debut issue and the flood of pre-orders in this past week still floored us,” said  AHOY Comics Marketing Associate Kit Caoagas. “Having a hit book is a rare, wonderful phenomenon, so we’re pulling out all the stops in order for the second printing to arrive in stores as soon as possible on August 14.”

The SECOND COMING # 1 second printing order code is MAY199082 F  SECOND COMING #1 2ND PTG.

“I’m very happy our book is about to reach an even wider audience,” said artist Richard Pace. “I’m so very proud of what our team has done, from Leonard finishing my layouts for the scenes on earth and Andy’s colours for the same, Rob Steen’s lettering, and Amanda Conner and Paul Mounts’ cover all working toward presenting Mark’s story as well as we can.  Personally, I feel my storytelling for the whole issue and finished art and colour for my scenes in Heaven and in the Biblical past are a career best, so the chance to get this in front of even more readers is a wonderful thing.”

“In addition to being funny and beautiful to look at, SECOND COMING is full of characters who feel deeply and try hard,” said AHOY Comics Editor-in-Chief Tom Peyer. “We’re on the side of the savior who returns to earth, and the action hero frustrated by the limits of his violent method. It’s that rare thing: a sharp, thought-provoking satire that never stoops to mockery. If SECOND COMING didn’t exist, AHOY would have had to invent it.”

“As a publisher, I’ve never been prouder to be associated with a book,” said AHOY Comics Publisher Hart Seely. “From Mark’s vision and script, to Richard and Leonard’s stunning artwork, to Andy’s colors, to Rob Steen’s lettering, to Amanda’s iconic covers, the SECOND COMING is a joy to behold. I look forward to the conversation continuing throughout the summer.” 

Here’s What People Are Already Saying About SECOND COMING

“No one captures the lyrical disconnect between real personalities in fantasy bodies like Mark Russell. SECOND COMING is beautifully drawn and hilariously blunt. It’s ribald, cranky, and warm at the same time, and it might be my new favorite thing.”―Gail Simone 


The world’s most dangerous comic and the most lovely… Part satire and part philosophical commentary on the state of modern Christianity, the history of its texts, and idea of religious belief in general — all of it hilarious.”― COMICS BEAT

“The comedy of SECOND COMING is absolutely delightful from the start, and it remains laugh-out-loud hilarious through the final scene. Yet despite the satire, the book is clearly respectful of the teachings of peace and compassion that Christianity espouses. There is a streak of sincerity that cuts through the comedy to provide a book that questions the society we live in and its values, and considers a potential better way provided to us millennia ago. Russell, Pace, Kirk, Troy, and Steen have all done an excellent job crafting this book, with biting comedy and a poignant message delivered by superb artwork that was absolutely worth the wait for its release.”―AiPT COMICS

Richard Pace’s illustrations spark joy.”―THE DAILY KOS

“A must read.”COMICBOOK.COM

“SECOND COMING is a wickedly clever and irreverent blend of philosophy, metaphysics, crude laughs and poignant observation on the human condition.”―WMQ Comics

“Provocative and enthralling…. Miss this book and risk missing out on some of the most timely and clever satire in any medium this year. “―BATMAN’S BOOKCASE

if you think some among the faithful might find the premise blasphemous, you’d be right…. Headlines aside, if you read the book, what you actually find is not a takedown of religion, but, as Russell describes it, an attempt to spread the Gospel.”―THE NEW YORK POST

“If the zealots out there who have already dismissed this book as the work of Satan would give it even the most cursory of looks, I think they’d be pleasantly surprised by Russell’s Christ.”― COMICON.COM

“This may end up being one of the most talked about books of the year. It deserves to be. It’s absolutely brilliant.”―FORCES OF GEEK

“One of the most original comic books in recent memory.”―WEIRD SCIENCE DC COMICS

“Can the book possibly live up to the controversy? The answer is yes.”―YOU DON’T READ COMICS

“Genuinely hilarious and relatable… SECOND COMING #1  is a must read comic for fans of satire, critical thinking, and simply good storytelling. It is thoroughly entertaining from start to finish, courtesy of Russell’s trademark wit and Pace’s emotive characters.” ― COMICS BULLETIN 4.5 out of 5

“Richard Pace does a great job with the epic, sweeping moments of the story.”―BIG COMIC PAGE

“SECOND COMING is an acerbic, smart, and very funny look at the contradictions of the old and new testament faces of “god” and the complexities of being all-powerful. anyone who ever had a question in sunday school will find belly laughs, not blasphemy, in this hilarious and thought-provoking comic.”― Marc Andreyko

“Whether you are an avowed atheist or a practitioner of a religion, Russell will shift the floor you are standing on… Gorgeous.”―POP CULTURE SQUAD

“A really great comic.”―SMASH PAGES

“It is excellent. It is unexpected and it is important.” — ALL COMIC

“Part comedy, part homage, part exploration of religion ….an entertaining look at religion and superheroes without fear of pushing buttons for either.” ―GRAPHIC POLICY

“Mark Russell and Richard Pace bring you the greatest WHAT IF? of them all – What if Jesus came back and became a superhero?”—13TH DIMENSION

“Pulls no punches… Richard Pace’s art knocks it out of the park… Will some readers be offended? Only if they go in with their minds already made up that they are going to be by what is in the book, otherwise this series has the potential to be the starting point of a deeper discussion and one that definitely needs to take place.””— ALBANY TIMES UNION

“Hilarious... Controversy be damned!”―COMICS THE GATHERING

“A smart comic…. [and] a highly enjoyable story aims to make its readers laugh.”— EVERYTHING ACTION

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