Comic Review: Detective Comics #1007 (DC Comics)

Detective Corrigan has been kidnapped by a cult hell-bent on separating The Spectre from his host. Desperate to save his host, Spectre enlists the help of Batman to aid in […]

Detective Corrigan has been kidnapped by a cult hell-bent on separating The Spectre from his host. Desperate to save his host, Spectre enlists the help of Batman to aid in his search and rescue.

Magic and Science collide and see their differences, both detectives have one goal in mind, to save Corrigan from the cult of the Spectre! Can Vengeance and Justice reconcile their differences long enough to solve the case? With the wrath of God at the Specters disposal and the belief of the Law on Batman’s side, it’s gonna be one long night.

Now, this is no disrespect to any writer that has been writing Batman titles, so keep in mind and take in consideration for what I am about to say. I’ve been enjoying what Scott Snyder and Jock has been doing on the Batman Who Laughs, and I’ve been enjoying what Snyder and Capullo are doing with Last Knight on Earth. Both are strong, solid Bat-titles that are both well-written concepts that have been crushing it in execution. But here’s the problem, there both limited series and Snyder has already written his Batman run, so there isn’t much that he’ll be doing with Batman for the foreseeable future. Azzarello and Bermejo finally completed their Batman: Damned series after a brief hiatus. That book underwent unnecessary controversy, from fans who claimed who wanted mature vertigo-esque, adult content, only to backpedal as soon as they saw a nude scene. And because DC back peddled on their adult content, it only hampered what Black Label should have been, and may never be again.

Regardless, Damned was an interesting story and different interpretation of Batman outside of continuity that was interesting to read. The problem with this is, it’s a story outside of continuity, and that’s not bad, but when a Batman book is more interesting than the main title, that’s a problem. And that’s an issue that I’ve had for the past few years with the main Batman title. While I’ll admit, I’ve enjoyed the main Batman title as a guilty pleasure, the way Batman is depicted, and the plot elements of the story, just didn’t appeal to me, and that’s fine. When Tomasi was announced to write Detective Comics after 1000, I was excited! Admittedly, I wasn’t really crazy about the Arkham Knight story, and unfortunately, it wasn’t my cup of tea, but since issue 1006, I think Tomasi has finally found strong footing for this specific title!

Tomasi is no stranger to Batman let alone a majority of DC’s characters. He has written one of the best, if not, The Best Superman run by far, and his work on Batman and Robin speaks for itself. So it was a no brainer that someone such as Tomasi would be suitable to write this series. And I have to say, reading issue 1006 and 1007, Tomasi really put the Detective in Detective comics. What I really enjoyed about issue 1006 and this current issue is that Batman is depicted in the best, and most recognizable fashion that hasn’t been seen in a mainline Batman title for some time. Here is a Batman that is an actual detective, that uses holographic technology to create 3d maps that help him to recreate the crime scene. Here is a Batman that deeply analyzes his surroundings, and considers different methods before jumping to conclusions, and will debate with allies of contrasting views about how to solve a case which makes this issue an enjoyable read. Tomasi is able to distinguish Batman and The Spectre as two individuals that have common goals and aesthetic, while also showcasing their ideological views of Justice and problem-solving.

The entire issue is full of great moments of Batman written at his best, showcasing that even as a cool, calculated detective such as Batman will have a hard time dealing with the supernatural and loathing it. It’s humorous to see Batman stand in opposition to the Specters methods of crime solving, but it is also a relief to see a Batman that feels familiar, refined yet different enough to be compelling. This is my favorite iteration of Batman to date and given that Tomasi is able to bring the very best out of this two-issue arc, it shows just how well he understands the character. But what I enjoy most is that this two-issue arc really takes Batman out of his element, and really showcases his personality beyond the cape and cowl. There is a scene where someone throws something at Batman, and even though he retains his cool, he still claps back with comments that remind me why I love Batman. A Batman that responds back with col, dry wit in combat, when patience is tested gets a solid A grade from me anytime.

In regards to the art department, it’s safe to say that I want Hotz on this title for as long as he can. Because his work with Tomasi is spectacular in every way that a Batman book needs to be and should be. I remember watching Sal and Tiffany from Comicpop discussing Hotz art style, and comparing it to Kelley Jones art. Which is a huge compliment and after reading issue 1006 and this current issue, that is a testament to how good and stylistic Hotz is? What is different about his work and Jones is that it’s more refined, a bit restrained, yet Dynamic enough that it is both stimulating to the eye, and enjoyable to read from panel to panel, never disrupting the flow of the story. What I love most about his work is that he is the first Batman Illustrator that I’ve seen that showcases Batman’s fighting style in the page. He is able to visually display how Batman fights, without resorting to a punch, or flying around over people. This is refreshing because it showcases that Hotz isn’t your usual illustrator and coupled with David Baron’s colors, and Rob Leigh’s lettering, they are able to showcase what makes these characters visually different in every facet.

This is a fantastic issue, and I couldn’t recommend it enough. If you’re looking for an in continuity, ongoing Batman series that is worthy of the title and character, then this is it. Support this book because it’ll show DC that genuine writers and artists that care about story, continuity, and integrity of a character is still important. Add this to your pull list for new comic book day, because it is worthy of it.

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