Toy Review: Playmobil: The Movie Toys (Playmobil)

 Bring home the toys from the movies today. So I come home the other night and find this big box from Playmobil. When I opened it, I was even more […]

 Bring home the toys from the movies today.

So I come home the other night and find this big box from Playmobil. When I opened it, I was even more surprised. Loaded with all kinds of great toys from the Playmobil: The Movie!

PLAYMOBIL : THE MOVIE Figures Series 1

You have to love the blind bags. You never know what you’re going to get. In this series, there are 12 figures you can get. I ended up Robotitron. You had to put him together. The only problem is the connections for the arms and legs were mis-sized, so they didn’t hold in place. I hope I got a one-off and all the figures aren’t like this. But there are still 11 more great figures to get.

PLAYMOBIL: THE MOVIE Rex Dasher with Parachute

In the film, Rex Dasher is a spy so of course, he has all kinds of cool gadgets. I love about this set, is Rex comes with a working parachute. This play feature is what makes this set awesome. Give him a gentle chuck in the air and he slowly descends down. I love that. 


This is just a cute little set. It has the main character Maria with a horse at some type of crossroads. It’s a nice little set with all kind of accessories It also comes with a crossroad sign and a vulture. Just a lot of play features here. Just needs some imagination. 

PLAYMOBIL: THE MOVIE Maximus in the Colosseum

This is a pretty cool set. It looks like a gladiatorial arena.  It comes with 4 figures: Marla, Charlie, Emperor Maximus, and the Black Knight. It comes with all kinds of swords and shields so the figures can battle each other. The set also comes with 2 statues, that are just Playmobil figures too. This is a great set.


This is an incredible reproduction of a food truck. It comes with Marla and Del and enough accessories for hours of fun. The wheels work. The top comes off you can get inside. Lots of great fun here.

This a great assortment of toys and it’ll make a great holiday present

Many thanks for Playmobil for allowing us to take a look at them. 

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