5 Ideas For DC/Marvel Crossovers

Some thoughts on possible DC Comics/Marvel Comics crossovers. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, comic sales have stopped due to the coronavirus. This is something that is seriously hurting […]

Some thoughts on possible DC Comics/Marvel Comics crossovers.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, comic sales have stopped due to the coronavirus. This is something that is seriously hurting the comic industry. There are some people that are suggesting that a crossover between DC Comics and Marvel would boost the industry.

Just the other day, writer Gail Simone tweeted the following:

Too be honest, not sure that an inter-company crossover would help, but I do know it could be fun. There used to be a lot of DC/Marvel crossovers and some were definitely better than others. Why they stopped doing them, I really can’t say.

That being the case, I started to think of some crossovers I’d like to see. Here are 5 I came up with:


I think out of all the crossovers people want, a Deadpool/Harley has to be the top one. There is a ton of fan art out there with these two and in Harley’s own comic there was a character called Red Tool that was a blatant Deadpool knock-off. In the crossover, you could have a budding romance between Deadpool and Harley. The Joker finds out about this is determined to end the relationship or our 2 protagonists, The concept of a love triangle would make for some great reading.


There are some simulations between these 2 characters. Both are super-soldiers. Both have been doing what they do for a while. It’s their moral code that separates them. The original super-soldier going up against a foe that uses 90% of his brainpower. This could be a battle to be seen. You could have the Army asking Cap to stop Deathstroke from assassinating an important figure. The clash would have been epic.


Wonder Woman and Thor are without a doubt, 2 characters that are deeply rooted in mythology. Greek and Norse. I would love to see a team-up between these 2. Not to be overcomplicated, but a story where Loki tries to manipulates Darkseid which leads to a conflict that only Wonder Woman and Thor can end. These 2 are warriors and the battle would be just insane.


We already saw a crossover between the Avengers and the Justice League, but what if we go back further to World War II. In the comics, the Justice Society could never go directly after Hitler because of a mystical item called the Spear of Destiny. The Spear would corrupt the JSA and make them serve Hitler. The Invaders, on the other hand, took the battle to Hitler and fought on the front lines. What if Hilter used the Spear on the JSA and the only way to free them involved a battle against the Invaders. This is an idea that’s been kicking around in my head for a while. 


The battle of the billionaires! There are so many differences between Batman and Iron Man, but what they both have in common is they are both billionaires. For some reason, I really find this interesting. In the story, you can have them as competitive friends. We seen both characters interact with other billionaire characters, so to have Bruce and Tony as friends would be really cool. Since Iron Man does have a public identity, you could do a quick background story where Batman reveals his id to Iron Man. The plot could have to do deal with Ra’s Al Ghul wanting to take over the world and he hires some of the mercenary villains that Iron Man goes up against. I feel the more interesting part of the story would be how Bruce and Tony interact with each other.

So, there you go. 5 story ideas for DC/Marvel crossovers.

What’s characters would you like to see in a crossover?

Let your suggestions in the comments below!

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