Comic Review: Heart Attack Vol. 1: Against The Wall (Image Comics)

Image Comics brings you a graphic novel about diabetes or natural cause of death by a death note, or politics in Heart Attack on its first volume. So, this is […]

Image Comics brings you a graphic novel about diabetes or natural cause of death by a death note, or politics in Heart Attack on its first volume.

So, this is another political comic about justice and freedom, but adding a comic title of “Heart Attack” seems to have something more to it. But this comic is like therapy to treat the wounds of human rights, including black lives matter and such. The comic is written by Shawn Kitterlsen and illustrated by Eric Zawadzki. And from the look of it, it seems that this comic is created for knowing how social change over a few months ago.

The front cover shows an image of the protesters and the police rallying up to tell them to back off like a warzone, and the main characters share their hands to know how friendship is beautiful or their purpose to protect human rights. On the opening pages, there is an insignia of a hand with a palm that is swirling around like a vortex but it has a meaning to it. The story starts when the two kids are making graffiti at night over that insane Austin VCU poster which makes the police officers look so intimidating to the community. So the main character named Nona put up a blank poster and use her hand as magic to make something out of that poster and revealed that she’s a Variant, and the poster she’d done is a message saying “Hell is Here”, and then she was arrested after that.

The kid, Charlie who was with her ran away like a coward, and seek some help to continue its what they are doing. He went to the bar to meet a client until a girl named Jill came up to meet him and when they shook hands like they’re connected. And when they did, they realize the power with the palm of their hands which is most likely psychic or something which somehow the police chief described that power as the Power of Mass Destruction. And after that, they fought alongside together to fight against the VCU who took Nona who took into custody on the beginning of the comic and demonstrated their own power which actually surprised everyone about it and later made a protest to the VCU to release Nona, but the VCU annihilated the freebies which is a twist. It’s an interesting part of the story but what will happen next?

I got to say, the story is thrilling to know that humans with psychic powers would change the community but the police didn’t accept that kind of reality which is more like giving them justice. It’s a no brainer to know that the government denies human rights over people with psychic powers. The whole reason that the Americans were cured of the disease is that their genes gave them to such a miracle that anyone would ever believe. The art style is an example of realism because of the story, the artist added so many details to the characters and illustrate them that the main character has their purpose to use their power to defund the cops. Funny because every other people were scared of them and now the cops are being rebelled by protesters. Somehow it happens in real life, but with this comic, it shows any other work of fiction to know that the freebies are afraid of the VCU because of what happened to Nona. Heart Attack is a shocking story that races my heart and so on, if you rather want to read a comic about abnormal humans with psychic power and police corruption, then this is for you.

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