Comic Review: Be Gay, Do Comics GN (IDW Publishing)

IDW Publishing releases a collaboration comic about the queerest people who literary are artists drawing short comics in Be Gay Do Comics the graphic novel. So, here comes another collaboration […]

IDW Publishing releases a collaboration comic about the queerest people who literary are artists drawing short comics in Be Gay Do Comics the graphic novel.

So, here comes another collaboration comic made by some various individual artists out there who are in the support of LGBTQ+ and etc, and etcetera. I don’t question or judge any artists who are in that relationship because we’re human beings and we respect each other. Be Gay Do Comics is made for people about their experiences ranging from personal stories to queer history and such. Besides the Legend of Korra graphic novel on Dark Horse Comics, without these comics, there aren’t any queer indie cartoonists to show their expressions of making their stories. This is an art to show how people shared their feelings to know how to express themselves by making stories about it.

The front cover shows an interesting interaction of every queer artist looking out of the fourth wall, staring at the title of the book. And it’s a no brainer that there are many people who support it. And I do like the title logo, it makes how every queer human being around here support this. The artist added a pink shooting star with a rainbow on it. And the message on the top made it so interesting, that this is part of the whole queer history anthology which is “The Nib.” The Nib is actually the cousin of webcomics which is an American online daily comics publication that focuses on political cartoons, graphic journalism, documentaries, and such.

So the story, there’s nothing to talk about, there are some of the shortest comics that you’ll ever go to look for LGBTQ+ readers, but I’m going to focus with the Introduction by Matt Lubchansky, and he has an interesting thought for a comic that define that he any reader might not know that he was queer if he’s not making comics. From what can I interpret from the reading, he has a few positive facts about himself being queer and making comics. Comics are the best way to express himself and it makes it an accessible way that any other form of media could only dream. It presents some amazing opportunities to be heard or to hear each other and to make stories that everyone wants and need to share and tell. Making a comic such as Be Gay Do Comics is almost a reference of “Be Gay Do Crime” because that comic actually makes a great collective and made by queer prisoners and criminals. There’s always an opportunity to make comics about LGBTQ because it gains such support for the readers to know how to express themselves being with someone. So every queer artist made some of the stories and combined to this one comic that can transcend independent comics of this year.

It’s a no brainer to share any stories from queer artists out there, that shared their expressions and feelings to make their comics that way. There is a contributors pages at the end of this book if you wish to research to follow them on social media. Hearing the thought of how comics can be expressed by human emotions is actually an interesting thing that ever thought about. Even for me, whenever, I make comics, it feels like I’m expressing myself from every experience that I have living my life in New York, the ups and downs in city life and such, it came from myself, the power that I have, I could easily change everything. Making a comic of queerness shows that every queer artist express themselves from experience in life, it’s actually a great thing to have. Be Gay, Do Comics is an amazing comic to get and to know every queer human being how they went through from the beginning and beyond.

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