Comic Review: The Kill Lock OGN (IDW Publishing)

IDW Publishing releases another sci-fi comic from the depths of space about some robots who found themselves banished from their homeworld in The Kill Lock, the graphic novel. Now, this […]

IDW Publishing releases another sci-fi comic from the depths of space about some robots who found themselves banished from their homeworld in The Kill Lock, the graphic novel.

Now, this graphic novel is all Star Wars shits between droids or the Mandalorians, however, this story is quite different from the series. This graphic novel is all about survival of the fittest to planets to another planet, it’s a battle between robots against other robots, perhaps this should make this into some anime mecha series, like Gundam or Red Baron. The story is written and illustrated by Livio Ramondelli, he provided a lot of design work and storyboards just to make robots and stuff, even the theme that he’s making is robots. He’s a comic book artist who made his regular work on IDW’s Transformers comics with the Chaos storyline and illustrated the entirety of Autocracy. He also provided his work for Google’s “Ingress” VR project, and both toy and movie designs for Hasbro.

The front cover shows a distinct background of outer space while this small android is standing on top of the moon. What I do like about the cover, is the background is more likely to have the stars around space, while every other pilot who is on the ship would go jump into hyperspeed to travel to another planet. The design of the android is more like the Judgement stand from JoJo part three, except that this one has some skinny arms. On the starting few pages, there are one of the quotes who’s one of them that got me hooked is written by Tyler Bleszinski who wrote Transformers Galaxies, quoted “Livio is a great artist, but what makes The Kill Lock so special is his remarkable ability to elevate character development beyond simple stereotypes. If there’s one new IP in comics to take a chance on, this should be the title.” Well, he’s not wrong to say the fact that Livio makes the best mecha designs for his projects, but the story is yet to be told.

The story starts on a freezing planet where everything is cold, while the square face robot visits the bar to insult another robot’s face that looked like a pug, and told that he didn’t choose that face, but that’s who he is. And he took him down without any mercy. So the whole plot is that they all live in a world where all robots are being banished for their crimes and placed their mark of The Kill Lock as their punishment, having them not to escape their own destinies, if one of them dies, they’ll all die. They’re all fighting to survive this world from meeting the same fate, they traveled to different planets to find answers, and fought so many battles, right until later on, some corrupted robots have put these marked robots down one by one. And the story ends when one of the survivors made the robots a blessing just to go to heaven after death.

The story is quite far-fetched just to know that there are some robots who are trying to escape their fate by having that mark on their breastplate, and somehow it makes the story so complicated, to know when would they survive. For a short story comic like this one, it makes it more similar to the author who drew Transformers or other mecha related comics. I’m no fan of mecha or robots, but the designs make it more realistic to any other mecha movies that I’ve watched, movies like Transformers, Terminator, Iron Man, Big Hero 6, and such, the designs were flawless and it makes it’s intimidating for the readers, don’t know why but other fans are looking forward to reading another one of Livio Ramondelli’s works. On the back of the book, we get some art progress on how this comic made and how the author made any other mecha comics more important to the readers. So Kill Lock is a survival sci-fi story and it would make this more epic from every other comic you’ve read.

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