Comic Review: Chu Vol. 1: The First Course (Image Comics)

Image Comics brings you a graphic novel series which is about food and wars in a sci-fi and mystery genre in Chu on its first volume. So here is another […]

Image Comics brings you a graphic novel series which is about food and wars in a sci-fi and mystery genre in Chu on its first volume.

So here is another comic that relates to food. I had almost enough of getting these comics which would make you hungry and somehow this whole comic turns out more than comic relief. The story is written by John Layman and illustrated by Dan Boultwood. John is once an editor for Wildstorm and DC Comics until he turned to write comics full time for Marvel Comics in 2002. He wrote a number of creator-owned titles at Image Comics such as Puffed and Chew, and this comic became a huge success over a decade. And Dan has worked for publishers, both the U.K and the U.S comic industries. But he has also worked on projects for Sony, Warner Bros, and Eidos Interactive where he is best known for the cover artwork of the game TimeSplitters 2 in the European version. But the cover art, I don’t see the difference between that and the comic because the art style is just like a scale to know the art style is balanced or not.

Speaking of, the cover art of this comic shows more composition of this illustration could have, even so, the artist seemed that he emphasized the mood and the action of the image just more understandable for the viewers and readers. The main character is posing confidentially while lighting a cigarette with a gun and holding a glass of wine. And from the looks of it on the bottom, it seemed that there’s a horde of zombies that was shot by her, and there are a few characters in the middle beside her painted in monochrome. And remind me if I’m wrong, the title though, is it Chu or Chew? Is it a Chinese family name or is it just a typo to have a title like that? Once when you see the lettering on the title, the typography shows such flawless design where the letters are being eaten by a rat or a sick human being. The way that they designed that lettering makes it more efficient than someone who allegedly designed it on Adobe Illustrator.

So to be clear, this is a comic about food and more like a mafia-related action comic, so this is more than I can count but that is to be told soon enough. The story starts when there’s a meeting to all the members who are working from a gangster and were given them some codenames. Then in their tradition, they were given some food just to devour and memorize the whole plan which is more than absorbing it to memory on their heads. Maybe just by looking at it, literature makes the readers feel hungry at some point when they start reading this book. Their job is to secure the building and rob something, but afterward, some of the members puked out of the point that they have some digestion problems. To be precise, there are a lot of people who are getting sick because some of the foods that they’re eating are toxic and died from it. The Chu family were more than anything, they’re a family of Cibopaths, meaning to have an ability to psychically facilitate perception and communicate by tasting, eating, and/or drinking. More like flavor, but it’s a rare ability. Even though when Saffron and Tony reunited, he has some suspicions to her as if she did something related to the robbery last night. Not everyone, but her sister Sage is the most suspicious one because not only that these foods contain to be tainted or toxic, but she thinks that she is gone somewhere tonight working with criminals. However there is an assassin who is going after Saffron to kill her, but somehow he’s nothing more of an ordinary hitman with some martial arts. This comic is weird, not the fact that the story is related to some hitman movies but it’s more related to food and food poisoning now. Not much later, Saffron and Eddie have been working as partners in crime for money, even though they get on some real edge sometimes, because there are some people trying to kill them. But in the end, the Chu siblings are very stubborn because they’re all childish and they hate to lose. I can relate because I’m also childish and I hate to lose.

The story seems to be more random at some point because all of this made the readers feel hungry, even if the title of the comic called Chu or Chew, it’s like giving the readers a lesson to eat healthily and not eating expired and tainted food. It’s strange, but the Chu family are all psychic and this is what they made the story really crazy about food, conspiracies, and hocus pocus mumbo jumbo shit. The battle between the siblings between a cop and a criminal goes without question and ended badly. Whenever I looked at Dan Boultwood’s art, the first thing when I get my mind off is the European cover art of TimeSplitters 2, and coming back to this comic, I don’t see the difference in the art style because that game was released almost two decades back then.

Well anyway, the art style of this comic right now is more than showing off a series from Cartoon Network which is Total Drama Island, except this comic takes on a different course. The artist shows such motivation between the human anatomy to the characters, and how the shapes of the character’s heads defined the body language. What makes it so impressive is the cake building that the baker has cooked, which seems to be more than illustrating a gingerbread house, and seeing how the building was crumbled while everyone is devouring it. The artist has studied the face shapes even when he draws of one of the characters who are chewing, it makes more difference to know that kind of headshot design that he would make while eating. Even though it makes it sickening to know what the dire consequences are in the future. It’s strange and that what humans are like because there are many types of monsters in this world. They pose themselves as humans even though they don’t have any understanding of the human heart. They eat even though they’ve never experienced hunger, they study but they don’t have any interests in academics, they seek friendship but they don’t know how to love. That is what most describe this comic for, it’s lip-smacking tasteful foods but in a bad way.

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