Comic Review: ROM: Dire Wraiths TP (IDW Publishing)

IDW Comics brings you another sci-fi comic about some creatures wielding dark magic to control the universe which is Rom Dire Wraiths the graphic novel. So whatever happens if you […]

IDW Comics brings you another sci-fi comic about some creatures wielding dark magic to control the universe which is Rom Dire Wraiths the graphic novel.

So whatever happens if you get a distant 90s shows with a set of an evil sorcerer like Rita Ripulsa from Power Rangers or someone who tries to take over the universe, with a set back of the Star Trek series, then this is it. This comic is based on the same toy company by Hasbro and published for IDW. Funny thing is that the comic lasted for a year before the pandemic started in March, and the comic is about some people who are about to become the first humans to set foot on the moon while a horde of evil monsters is trying to conquer Earth. This comic series is actually a limited version and it was written by Chris Ryall and illustrated by Luca Pizzari, Guy Dorian Sr., and Sal Buscema. Chris is the former president, publisher, and chief creative officer of IDW and a writer in the comic book industry. He wrote the story of Zombies vs. Robots, co-created with the artist Ashley Wood in 2005, he worked on comics that are based on the films, and somehow it makes it to notice the readers that he’s the owner of IDW.

The front cover shows memorable concept art of the series which seems promising enough that the creators had spent doing this over a year ago. In the middle, we get to see a humanoid cyborg that almost looked like Megatron on steroids, because he’s already been jacked enough to take some shit. The background shows the images of the members of NASA and some aliens and other creatures around are involved as well. There are two side stories that have something to do with the comic which are “One Small Step For Dire Wraith-Kind” and “One Small Step For a Spacenight.” However, there’s more to this comic than meets the eye because the point is that this comic takes more than any other story to know how these humans are going to save earth from those monsters.

The story starts with one of the most iconic moments in comic book history, there we get the grandest adventure of some astronauts who are going to become the first men to set foot on the moon. However, on the side of the moon, there are some underground monsters who are actually once human which are the Dire Wraiths. Once the astronauts had landed on the moon and put the flag on the ground, they were being ambushed by those monsters and attacked. And not much sooner, the calvary came and fought back those monsters, so it’s a war between the space warriors and evil monsters. To be precise there are different kinds of Dire Wraiths in this universe which are more common to become monsters, but they can become stronger than a normal human. And then there are some Elonian Knights which includes Rom in this comic, a humanoid cyborg with its free will and has a purpose to eliminate the Dire Wraiths. And the story ends with the most cliched departure which is “Bye, Everyone, and Thanks!” as if Covid did a number enough for them to end the whole series.

For a limited edition of a comic like this one, the story can be confusing, but when you come across the plot, you’ll understand where the war holds no limits to the space warriors and the monsters on the moon. The art is nothing to talk about, the style is mostly drawn as a Marvel Comics material and somehow when I think about that art style, I’m thinking about that art style who actually illustrated the Marvel Comic version of Star Wars in 2015 by John Cassaday. Whenever I looked at the comic pages that John drew once, the facial texture of the characters is more realistic and developed some of the best details. And coming back to this comic seems that the artist has done well with the character and monster designs, along with some details. I can’t explain it though, but I just witnessed that the artist and John have a similar kind of art style. However, this sci-fi comic series can be the most epic fight in order to protect the universe. If you rather want to experience the thrill of the most iconic battle in comic book history, then this is for you.

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