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DC Comics recently released two new books from two high profiled writers.  One, from fan favorite and current Batgirl writer, Gail Simone entitled The Movement.  And the other, The Wake, written by the man behind the Death of the Family and the new book Superman Unchained, Scott Snyder.

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Now, I have the utmost respect for both these writers.  Then again, I have the utmost respect for anyone getting paid to write (except for Grant Morrison, that is.  Nothing personal Grant, I just can’t follow your books for some reason.  But, that’s probably more me, than you).  Cause in the end, I’m the one plunking down my hard earned cash to read a book with their name on it, not the other way around.

the Movement?!?!?

the Movement?!?!?

It’s really hard to get a feel of where a series/book is going on one issue alone.  But, I’mma do my best, here.  That being said, Gail Simone’s The Movement has the benefit of having it’s second issue out, which I did look at as well.  But, even with this second issue, I just don’t know what’s going on in the book.  Actually, maybe it’s more that I don’t care what’s going on?  I’m not being flippant, I’m not being a smart ass (for once).  I just don’t have any reason to care about any of these characters.

the Mouse is eating a rat. And what’s he wearing on his head, anyway?!?!

So far, the Movement seems to be a team “superhero” book.  It’s not a superhero book in the sense of Justice League or the Avengers.  Maybe a Justice League Dark kind of team?   In any case, the story has some typical themes to it:  corrupt cops, corrupt neighborhood, etc.  But, the characters that are part of the Movement…I don’t know.  There’s nothing real likable about them.  They’re almost…bullies?!?!  One character is called the Mouse.  The self proclaimed “Prince of rats?”  And another one who I think is possessed by the devil?  I’m not sure what’s going on with that guy as of yet.

is he good?  is he bad?  or just indifferent?

is he good? is he bad? or just indifferent?

The Movement’s art is by veteran DC artist, Freddie Williams II.  Who’s known for his work on Robin/Flash back in the 90’s.  He’s also the author of the book, The DC Comics Guide to Digitally Drawing Comic.  I point this out because I’ve like Williams’ work in the past.  But, on the Movement?  There’s just something off about it.  It seems kind of “rushed”.  Maybe it’s the coloring, which isn’t Williams’ doing.  I don’t know.  The art is just…off.

I’m kinda surprised by the whole situation, actually.  Two veterans on a book like this?  Should equal a win for all parties’ involved, right?  I’ll give the book another issue, but unless something significantly changes, I’m probably done with it.


Then there’s the Wake by Scott Snyder.  The Wake is a ten part maxi-series (released under the Vertigo brand).  It’s hard to tell at the moment where the story is set.  The book opens up in a distant post-apocalyptic future.  Then switches to what seems a more recent future and ends with a look at a caveman past.  Now, I have a feeling that most of this story will take place in the more recent future, and ping pong us between the apocalyptic setting and the distant past.  But, don’t quote me on that.  Cause there’s no money back guarantee.

What I do know so far is this:  Dr. Archer, an expert marine biologist is hit up by a G-man (Astor Cruz an agent of Homeland Security) to help out with some unidentifiable “vocalizations” recorded in the ocean near a government base.  Of course, though, there’s all sorts of sleight of hands, misinformation and non-information surrounding the whole project.  That gets revealed as the story progresses.  Each time something else gets revealed to Dr. Archer, all’s I can hear in my head is Lando saying:

Not to be all spoilery or anything, but the end reveal reminds me a bit of the fish people in Aquaman.  You tell me.

The pencils are done by Sean Murphy who’s art has been seen on a whole host of books including Teen Titans, American Vampire and Punk Rock Jesus.  Murphy’s art, especially on the Wake, is totally reminiscent of Frank Miller’s.  And your friendly neighborhood jman totally worships at the shrine of the Dark Knight Returns.

greatest book evAH!!!

greatest book evAH!!!

For that alone, I’ll be sticking with the Wake for the foreseeable future.


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