RANT: Happy Trails, Matt Smith!

Rant begins. Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who and I accept the fact that this is the “nature of the beast.” And I have to be honest, this is pissing […]

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Rant begins.

Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who and I accept the fact that this is the “nature of the beast.” And I have to be honest, this is pissing me off. I mean it is really annoying me.

Am I being silly?

I don’t think so. Here is why:

In 1989, Doctor Who went off the air for 16 stinkin’ years. Sure, we got the special with Paul McGann (and I still say the Eighth Doctor is my Doctor) but there was little consistency for any Who-fan in that time.

Well, praise the Lord in Heaven, when we get Christopher Eccleston in 2005 and a new show. However, he sticks around for one year, and now we have to get used to a David Tennant as the Doctor. So the Tenth Doctor sticks around for three whopping seasons and then spends (what felt like three years) saying Good bye with these idiotically-spaced holiday specials.

Finally, we hear who Doctor Eleven is and it takes him forever to be brought in and established himself as the Doctor, and at some point the geniuses at Doctor Who or the BBC (I don’t know) decide to break the season into two annoying parts with nearly four months in between each half.

 So as we are doing this, we are wondering about the 50th Anniversary of the show. Who-fans wait and wait and wait to hear, “Who do we get? Do we get the surviving actors who played the Doctor? Do we find doubles to play the first three Doctors? What? What?”

Instead we get three confirmed Doctors – Matt Smith, David Tennant and John Hurt who played the Doctor – uh…when? (Yeah, I know the story will be revealed). But do we get any of the other Doctors?

Of course not!

Heck, we could have gotten Christopher Eccleston, but the geniuses at the BBC trashed him to the press and basically pissed him off to the point Eccleston will have nothing to do with the show.

So on June 1, we hear Matt Smith decided to move on.

 Happy trails to him. Woo-hoo.

Why am I pissed? It is because I love this show, I love this character and I adore everything about it, but the current folks running Who (from BBC on down) seem to lack any understanding of consistency to their fans and their fan base. The BBC seems to show a level of arrogance. It is as if they said, “The Who-fans will stick around and give us cash no matter what we do.”

Sure we will.

Among my friends, I was once known as “The Green Lantern Guy,” but after a lousy movie and writer Geoff Johns’s consistent need to put Hal Jordan in war after war after major crossover event after major crossover event, I gave up. I walked away from the comic (though I consider “Green Lantern: Rebirth” a work of art).

 Moral of the story, BBC, stop treating the fans this way!

 Do what you can to make your actors happy that they will stick around for more than three seasons. Give us five!

 We get the Doctor is a temporary role, but, dang it already!

 Rant over.

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