Doctor Who Rant: A Plea to the BBC for the Eighth Doctor

To the people at the BBC: Tonight I just watched the DOCTOR WHO: THE DOCTOR’S REVISITED featuring the Eighth Doctor Paul McGann. I know the 1996 movie has its quirks, […]

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To the people at the BBC:

Tonight I just watched the DOCTOR WHO: THE DOCTOR’S REVISITED featuring the Eighth Doctor Paul McGann.

I know the 1996 movie has its quirks, but universally McGann’s portrayal of the Eighth Doctor is praised and loved. However, it was his ONLY televised performance. Add to the fact it took 14 years to get the movie out on DVD and he has not been seen since (sure flashbacks – woo hoo!).

Simply, McGann deserves another televised outing as the Doctor.

For years people prayed that “Maybe the Eighth Doctor will pop up in the 50th Anniversary” but clearly that will not happen.

And now I ask, on behalf of millions and millions fans, please give the Eighth Doctor another special. Let him get back in the TARDIS one more time. Though I am not a fan of the leather coat, short hair look that McGann has sporting on recent Big Finish Audio covers, I would even accept that version of the Eighth Doctor. 

The second costume for the Eighth Doctor.

Heck, could we see Peter Capaldi/12th Doctor pop back for an episode with him?

That would be great too.

The point of it all is this – McGann was the rallying point for Doctor Who fans for a decade. He made the appearances and he helped Whovians and Who-ters alike keep up the hope that one day, the sound of the swirling air and a mysterious blue box would return.

Fans held out hope and he kept the dream of the TARDIS alive until Christopher Eccleston stepped in as the Ninth Doctor. This paved the way for David Tennant and Matt Smith to be the focal points of what has become a worldwide money-making juggernaut for the BBC.

Paul McGann, the Eighth Doctor.

And for that alone, McGann DESERVES one more ride in the TARDIS.

If it is a money thing?

I think 77 million people across the world would donate a dollar.

Is it age?

McGann is a handsome man and still looks great in his early 50s!

Is it the lack of 1996 movie TARDIS console?

I know for a fact someone in California has it and can broker the use of it.

Is it plot holes or continuity issues?

Like that has ever stopped a good writer from working through that.

I am not going to say, “Do this or we will do something violent” or “Do this or we stop watching Doctor Who”, what I am going to say is this –

– please.

Please give the world Paul McGann one more time in the TARDIS in a televised way.

We would appreciate it.

Thanks for your time.


Don E. Smith Jr.,

Doctor Who fan, comic book writer

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