Comic Review: Zero #5 (Image Comics)

I do this bit on a regular basis where I go through Previews each month a pick out the stuff I find most interesting.  I call it, “My Top 5 […]

I do this bit on a regular basis where I go through Previews each month a pick out the stuff I find most interesting.  I call it, “My Top 5 (ish) Things in Previews”.  I do my best to try and get a hold of whatever it is I picked out, when it’s eventually released.  I can’t always, though (I hope I didn’t disappoint you).  Like, back in November’s Previews when I picked Lady Death La Muerte statue.  I love you guys and all, but I don’t necessarily have $250 lying around to pick her up.  Now, if CS Studios wants to send me one to review, that works just fine for me.

review zero #5

But, for the most part, I do my best to get a hold of the things I point out. Which brings me to Image Comics’ Zero #5 (Coincidently enough, was also the same issue of Previews that Lady Death La Muerte statue was in.  Neat, huh?)

review zero #5

The story in Zero #5 takes place at different points in the future, some closer to current time, than others.  The protagonist, Edward Zero works for some nameless British black ops agency.  Throughout most of the issue, Zero is in some sort of rehabilitation center, recovering from some serious wounds, one of which looks to be the loss of his eye.  How he got so badly beaten, really isn’t said.

review zero #5

He’s also being monitored and debriefed during his stay in the rehab center.  His handlers evaluating, behind the scenes, whether Zero’s fit or not to be placed back in the field.  On top of all that, Edward’s also being given some sort of medication from his handlers, which, I can’t figure out if he’s taking or not.  I don’t think that he is, but…I can’t tell for sure.

review zero #5

I really just picked this book as a lark, while going through Previews.  I hadn’t read the previous 4 issues of the book, and knew nothing of the series, beforehand.  Issue 5 intrigued me enough that I downloaded all the prior issues of the series.  As you would imagine, those prior issues, filled in the holes of issue 5, rather nicely.

I was not disappointed.

The series is violent, and more than a bit disturbing.  But, that’s the kind of stuff that’s right up my alley.  And believe you me, THIS SERIES IS NOT FOR KIDS. It’s Daniel Craig’s James Bond on crack, steroids AND meth.

Yep…there’s even a little bit of sex in it.

Take my advice here.  If you’re a first timer like me and you’re considering picking up issue 5, then pick up the first four, as well.

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, either.

And if you’re already following along with the series, and you’re looking forward to issue 5, then let me ask you this…what the hell is with that ending?!?!?

review zero #5



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