Comic Review: Intertwined #1 (Dynamite Entertainment)

The Wu Xing. The five elements -or cycles- that rule the universe according to Chinese philosophy Metal – Water – Wood – Fire – Earth. Intertwined begins with a PoV […]

The Wu Xing. The five elements -or cycles- that rule the universe according to Chinese philosophy Metal – Water – Wood – Fire – Earth.

Intertwined begins with a PoV sequence of flying like an ‘Asian Peter Pan’ over and then into a temple where a secretive looking group are discussing a disturbance until they spot ‘you’ and advance menacingly towards you until…..

Jin Juan wakes up in bed after his weird dream that we just experienced with him. He gets ready to leave and it’s all normal until he leaps out of the window and parkours down the side of the house over signs and down onto a van driving past. He may have been a little-distracted thinking about his upcoming martial arts competition which is his ticket out of the poverty where he stays. This distraction could be costly as the van he landed on has two triads in it and as one pulls a gun on him the other comes to see the problem, it doesn’t look good for Jin but then the gun-toting triad smacks his colleague and knocks him out! Turns out he is an undercover cop and has looked out for Jin who seems to have a knack for bumping into triads.

After being let go Jin sneaks some training in at his martial art school but gets caught breaking the dummy and receives a lecture about the principles of Wing Chun which he obviously hasn’t mastered yet. During the lecture, he realizes he is late and leaves yet another sticky situation in his wake. Jin is late for his uncle’s funeral which his mother isn’t happy about as everyone is waiting for him including the aforementioned shady temple group who seem to have plans for young Jin.

After the funeral, Jin meets Marcus Simpson his uncle’s friend and lawyer who tells him he has to come to New York for details of his inheritance and although Jin is distracted by the group he saw in his ‘dream’ he agrees to come. The next day he wakes to a veritable feast from his mother who doesn’t trust American food and wants to fill him up before he goes. He doesn’t get a chance to finish as he has to leave early for his plane as local gang the Ghost Daggers are after him and they manage to intercept him on his way to the airport. Jin promised his mum that he wouldn’t fight but they force his hand and he kicks their ass until they pull a gun on his friend and knock him out. He awakens with no money or passport on a boat with some Haitian strangers heading for America!

This comic is pretty good and looks like it will really develop some big ideas once Jin’s true potential is realized. I’m expecting some big WingCchun battles as he discovers more about the shady group his uncle must have been involved in, I can’t wait to see what happens next

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