Toy Review: Mallrats Select Action Figures (Diamond Select)

They’re not there to shop. – They’re not there to work. – They’re just there in action figure form! The film Mallrats was Kevin Smith’s second film and his first […]

They’re not there to shop. – They’re not there to work. – They’re just there in action figure form!

The film Mallrats was Kevin Smith’s second film and his first time actually working with the Hollywood system. While the film was funny enough, it didn’t do that well at the box office. Mallrats did find a larger audience in the home entertainment market. Now thanks to Diamond Select we have 4 great action figures from the film. Brodie, Rene, Jay, and Silent Bob.

Each of the figures have 16 points of articulation which is pretty standard for the Select figures. They all come with a base that when all put next to each other form the mall. 

First up is Brodie. The sculpt on him is spectacular. He really looks like actor Jason Lee. He comes with a ton of accessories. Comic book, 2 video game controllers, a bag full of blunts, a cookie, the cup that he carries around the mall, and of course a chocolate pretzel. 

Jay looks like Jay Mewes. This is the 5th figure based on Jay and there some differences in the face sculpt so you’re not getting a repaint or anything. His accessories include is a sock of quarters, a baseball bat, and 2 sets of blueprints. I loved the details in the blueprints. Diamond pretty much just shrunk down the ones that have sold. Jay also comes with an extra hand for that “devil’s symbol.”

 Rene looks pretty good here. The likeness isn’t close to Shannon Doherty, but that’s OK. Her accessories include a purse, 2 shopping bags, a pair of drumsticks, and a magic eye poster. Look close enough and you can see the sailboat!

Finally, there’s Silent Bob. Like Jay, this is 5th time as an action figure. The sculpt on Silent Bob face is a weird grin. It’s a little creepy but still works. His sculpt has his own Tim Burton Batman inspired utility belt. As for his accessories, Silent Bob comes with an extra help that wearing a helmet, a grappling gun, a climbing hook, a multi-tool, a video tape, and a toy truck. He also comes with 2 extra hands. One to hold the gun and one holding a cigarette. 

This truly is a great set of figures and an awesome set to go with the Jay and Silent Bob collection. 

If you’re a fan of Mallrats or Kevin Smith, this is a must have for you.

The Mallrat Select action figures are available at your local comic shop, directly through Diamond Select, and directly through Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash.

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