Hermes Press Creates Convention Exclusives for Syracuse’s Salt City Comic-Con

Pop Culture Book Publisher Creates Convention ExclusivesSyracuse’s Salt City Comic-Con is excited to welcome Hermes Press, one of the premiere publishers of pop culture art books and comic reprints, to […]

Pop Culture Book Publisher Creates Convention ExclusivesSyracuse’s Salt City Comic-Con is excited to welcome Hermes Press, one of the premiere publishers of pop culture art books and comic reprints, to their June comic convention.

For over 15 years Hermes has been dedicated to producing accurate restorations of classic comics from The Phantom to Zorro. Hermes has also produced archival art books ranging from monographs about Gil Kane (Green Lantern, The Atom, and The Amazing Spider-man), Frank Frazetta (Conan the Barbarian), and Jim Davis (Garfield). Hermes has a unique focus on the history behind the artists who created comic books and strips, and over the years has published books that explore areas never before seen, such as the complete history of Flash Gordon and Rip Kirby creator Alex Raymond, written by noted comics historian Ron Goulart. Hermes has also begun reprinting the historical pocket book Phantom series originally published by Avon Publications. Along with their reprints and histories, Hermes also publishes original comic series such as Howard Chaykin’s Buck Rogers and Peter David’s The Phantom, and more.

“Hermes Press is absolutely thrilled to be invited to the Salt City Comic-Con – we always love to support the comic book community and by coming to conventions we get to interact more directly with all of the diverse people that drop by our booth. The only downside is that we can’t bring our office dog Moose!” said Sabrina Herman, Hermes Press’ Managing Editor.
At the convention, Hermes Press will also be offering 20% off all books at the show.

Convention Exclusives 

For the Salt City Comic-Con, Hermes will be offering 100 Convention Exclusives of two titles. Each book will include a “special limited edition insert plate”.

The Complete Jim Aparo Charlton Phantom is a deluxe hardcover in full color, complete with dust jacket and endpapers. The great Jim Aparo got his first big break with Charlton Comics and did standout work on The Phantom that garnered him praise throughout the industry. Now, for first the time, all of Aparo’s Phantom stories and covers are collected in one volume which focuses on this great artist’s outstanding work on The Ghost Who Walks.

The Art of Jim Davis’ Garfield, an art monograph on the history of Garfield and artist Jim Davis is a collaborative effort with Paws, Incorporated. For the first time ever, fans of Garfield, Jon, and Odie will be treated to a huge, all-color, all original art book, The Art of Jim Davis’ Garfield. Starting with an original essay by noted historian R. C. Harvey, this art book takes fans through the history of Jim Davis and Garfield, and how the furry feline has grown in popularity and style over the years, discussing many of the mediums Garfield is represented in, from the Garfield and Friends television show to the live-action movies, to the current strip. 
Hermes will also be selling a small quantity of The Art of Jim Davis’ Garfield Signed Limited Editions at the convention.

“I’m impressed with so many Hermes Books. There’s almost always one on our living room coffee table,” said Ed Catto, Pop Culture Expert & Marketing Executive. “I’m especially excited for the new Phantom collection.”

Syracuse’s Salt City Comic-Con, celebrating its fourth year, moves to the Oncenter’s War Memorial building in downtown Syracuse this year during June 24th and 25th.  This pop-culture convention focuses on comics, toys, games, cosplay and collectibles.  Pre-sale tickets are available online. 

Additional information on schedules, guests, tickets and cosplay can be found at

 Syracuse’s Salt City Comic-Con

Salt City Comic-Con celebrates Geek Culture in Syracuse, the Finger Lakes and all of Central New York. This growing convention, designed for both hardcore collectors and everyday pop-culture fans, stuffs myriad marvels into two action-packed days. Sponsorship and other inquiries can be directed to:


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