Comic Review: Kill Or Be Killed Deluxe Edition (Image Comics)

Image Comics releases a war of violence from a red hooded vigilante roaming down the streets of New York in a big graphic novel of Kill or Be Killed the […]

Image Comics releases a war of violence from a red hooded vigilante roaming down the streets of New York in a big graphic novel of Kill or Be Killed the deluxe edition.

The story is written by Ed Brubaker and drawn by Sean Phillips. The story is just another New York-themed story that focuses on a grad student who has problems with his life. Even so, he may be a socially awkward boy with no future, he’s actually more abusive and very dark of a character. It’s become more abusive and violent over the city, and he has to step up and defend it as a vigilante.

The front of the cover shows that this main character is so badass, he decided to hide his face in front of the audience or reader as if New Yorkers be like: “Oh Hell No, fuck that, we’re not going to have someone creeping out of the streets and killing people like that with a strange mask on its face.” That’s not a good sign. And lemme tell you: this motherfucker makes Makoto Shishio and Light Yagami look like pussies. He may be a vigilante, but he’s more of a bloodthirsty killer of an angsty teenager trapped in an adult’s body. And to be exact, he almost poses like Dirty Harry from the movie, posing him with the gun on the screen at a close-up perspective, instead we have him pointing down his shotgun like he’s afraid of something. And the whole background of the cover shows one of the midtown streets in a reddish monochrome color. The story starts off with an awkward kid named Dylan who has problems with his life, even so, he’s a depressed adult who took drugs, and spent his inheritance money to pay for his studies, this is actually an ugly ending for a college student to experience this kind of corruption, I guess? He’s gotten sick of his life and decided to kill himself, and failed miserably. A few days after that, Dylan encountered an evil spirit and told him to kill the bad people in this world as if he’s trying to turn the world upside down, but that’s quite the opposite. He’s looking for revenge. What will become of him? A killer or a madman with his own problems?

The whole comic is bringing you some violence and gore, even though it’s a New York-based story of that, it makes sense that this is a dangerous place to roam around the streets with a bunch of weirdos going around. But why does the main character struggle himself to live by taking drugs? I don’t even know where to start. The story is very dark, to begin with, and it gives a lot of atmosphere of what the danger lies up ahead in this graphic novel. And the art is too realistic to tell if this is actually turning out in real life, but this is a fictional story just like everything else. With the gun on his hand, that is really dark. If you rather want to read something that is very gore and violent as any other comic you’ve read, then this is for you.

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