Comic Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #5 (BOOM! Studios/IDW Publishing)

BOOM! Studios and IDW Publishing releases the conclusion of the crossover comic of MMPR and TMNT on its fifth issue. So it comes to this, this is the final chapter […]

BOOM! Studios and IDW Publishing releases the conclusion of the crossover comic of MMPR and TMNT on its fifth issue.

So it comes to this, this is the final chapter of this wonderful crossover but it seems to become more exaggerated over the fact, that the whole story, art, and designs are very stunning. From the designs of Shredder with his Dragonzord, the turtles in their Morphin suits, April O’ Neil is fighting alongside with it, Bebop and Rocksteady turned into another episode of Attack of Titans, and so much more. However there are even more things that are coming from this crossover comic, in fact, the TMNT crossovers became a phenomenon to the whole comic industry and collaborated to team up with Batman, Power Rangers, Ghostbusters, Usagi Yojimbo, AND THERE ARE MANY MORE CROSSOVERS. And that crossover between the Batman animated series was a big hit, I just read it many times and it was great, but moving on.

The front cover of the fifth and final issue shows the whole gang is rounding up with some more action, between the Rangers and the turtles, they seem to be the perfect team. But, there’s another flaw on this cover, because I AM SEEING THE TURTLE MEGAZORD. I’m pretty shocked from the start when I look at the cover, but I guess Billy and Donatello constructed that machinery for battle, well probably the Super Sentai creator has studied engineering and robots to design some battle robots during the show. Donatello however, he has so many tricks upon his shells because he can come up with anything, but the Sentai giant robots, it has so many flaws that make the series very traditional in Japan. I didn’t want to write another review of this crossover last time because it almost gave me a headache of all the hype over this comic, but I’ll just finish it. The story starts from the last time when Rita turned Bebop and Rocksteady into giants in New York, and this actually makes the rest of the central park look like a playground for the titans. So, the turtles are fighting with the Megazord to stop them, right until they got jumped by the Shredder and the Dragonzord, and then he got jumped by Jason and the team with the turtle robot, and all is well for fighting giant creatures and all. After the battle, the whole twist of the story comes by when Rita betrays Shredder and telling him to invite Rita to Dimension X. But why that place? Nonetheless, Krang and the Shredder are the only ones who can open the Dimension X, then again this comic didn’t introduce Krang to the rangers yet. However, the only way to get her into Dimension X is in the Techno drome, and of course, it’s a pain to know when your allies would stab you in the back, and they both disappeared. And the story ends in a battle between Raphael and Tommy like they’re having an exhibition match like the tournament fighters game.

Truth to be told, this crossover is really epic between the ragged team between the turtles and the power rangers. But seeing the characters in action seemed to be too real from the tv series. Think about it as a remodeled version of Ultraman combined with the trilogy of the turtles’ movie in the 90s. And whoever came up with the designs for the turtles and the Shredder to morph as the power rangers? I think my head is about to explode since this is all a crossover, to begin with, there are a few reasons for reading this comic. The story seemed too good to be true, then again, it’s just too epic to read the whole crossover with the turtles fighting alongside with the rangers. Such as this team is some heroes in a half shell, while that team is some heroes in spandex and barfed in a rainbow-like Skittles. I got to admit, I’ve never read such an amazing crossover that defies logic that the turtles and April can morph, two series, both about some heroes fighting against a villain who attempts to take over the world, in a different kind of setting of the story. Well if Zyurangers is not enough, you call the one that I’m talking about, the American Power Rangers and vice versa. It’s almost like two separate dimensions that crossed over through time. I’m just too hype for anyone to react, ever since when I got a hold of the crossover between the turtles and Batman, it seems that there always a story to be told from each dimension that they came from. But anyway, the crossover between the Power Rangers and the Turtles is really a great crossover to read, I just hope if they release a completed graphic novel, I would have it for myself.

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