Comic Review: Justice League vs Suicide Squad #6 (DC Comics)

This is it, folks! This is the last chapter that concludes not only the first DC Rebirth event but concludes the overall battle against an Eclipso turned Maxwell Lord and […]

This is it, folks! This is the last chapter that concludes not only the first DC Rebirth event but concludes the overall battle against an Eclipso turned Maxwell Lord and his dark reign.

With the remaining Task Force X members, Lobo and Batman, it is up to them to stop the Lord and his newfound dark powers from manipulating the Justice League and consuming the world. After everything that The Justice League and Task Force X has been through, can they stop the madness and end the evil that Maxwell Lord has conjured once and for all?

Joshua Williamson has managed to tell a great mini-series event, not just any mini-series, but a good first start to a post-Rebirth title event. Williamson has made great effort to tell an overall fun, fast-paced tale that entertains readers like a good ol summer blockbuster (even though it’s a blockbuster in winter season). He has displayed an overall balance between on the characters that he has displayed on the field and made it fitting and plausible for all of the motivations that each character has, and makes each character stand on their own. What’s interesting is that Williamson makes great effort to tie up all of the loose ends that he introduced within this mini-series events, and yet leaves not only a good proper hangover but huge change within the DCU to boot. Readers can agree that his take on Amanda Waller by the end of this series will show that no matter what happens, she always has a plan, and she always ensures that it follows through no matter what.

I think what is great about this issue is that Howard Porter’s art fills in the final pocket of Justice League illustrators that have worked on this series. From Fabok, Daniel, Merino, and others, Howard Porter’s artwork felt like a fitting style to conclude this mini-series event. His artwork is crisp, energetic, and full figured, giving enough visual depth and clear visuals that make it as easy as it is entertaining to track. Each character that appears on the page feel unique to their own and have more defined features from their height, as well as their obvious power. It’s good to know that his work since his 90s run with Grant Morrison, and his current work on JL3000 has developed into the refined style that he has currently. His panel is also great, he plays with the panel layouts in its size and scope and syncs well with the overall narrative. Alex Sinclair’s colors were good thought this series, although personally, I feel his art style better complements Jim Lee’s artwork than Porters. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just that it’s a little odd to see his colors on another artist’s work since his color work complemented the other artists prior within this series a little better. But with what he delivered, it’s still good and does its job and making every character look distinct and stand out. Rob Leigh’s letter work has been consistent throughout this series, so there are no complaints about that. This last issue brought a satisfying conclusion to this mini, and if there is anything to be sure of, it’s that Williamson needs to do a Justice League ongoing series because he did a fine job throughout in this series. Be on the lookout for the new Justice League of America series that spins out of this event, it looks like it’ll be promising.

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