Toy Review: Star Wars Black Series 40th Anniversary Jawa and Death Squad Commander (Hasbro)

Just like the ones I grew up with, only bigger! When Star Wars came out in 1977, I was 8 years old and of course, the toy to have were […]

Just like the ones I grew up with, only bigger!

When Star Wars came out in 1977, I was 8 years old and of course, the toy to have were the Star Wars action figures from Kenner. Kenner eventually went out of business and Hasbro got the license to produce Star War toys. One of the lines that Hasbro developed is called the Black Series. What it is is 6-inch versions of Star Wars characters, because, before the Black Series, the figures remained at 3 3/4 inches. So to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars, Hasbro released reproductions of the first wave of action figures that Kenner produced in 6-inch form.

I was able to get a hold of a Jawa and the Death Squad Commander. They are amazing. 

First I want to talk about the packaging. Hasbro did an incredible job here reproducing the same style of packaging that was on the original figures. I especially love they even put Kenner’s logo on these. It may sound silly, but it’s really the little details like this that really matter. 

The Jawa is highly detailed in the sculpt. The cloak, though made of plastic, looks like fabric with the texture in the sculpt and even some fraying on the ends of the cloak. It does hinder his ability to sit, but still, that’s OK. The paint job is great here. Nice shades and blending with no paint spill. The Jawa comes with 2 weapons and both fit easily into his hands. One of the weapons is connected by a cable and fits easily into the side holster. 

The Death Squad Commander is more faithful to the movie version than the original toy. The original toy had a gray uniform which actually should have been black. Hasbro has corrected this mistake. His helmet is fully removable and still fits securely on his head. Again I really nice level of detail here, right down to the insignia on his arm. He comes with a weapon that easily fits into his hand or the side holster. And a full range of motion with him. Very nice. 

Since getting these 2 figures I have to say there’s a serious feeling of nostalgia. I’m seriously fighting the temptation to buy the entire series.  

This wave is a serious must buy for any and all Star Wars fans!

Brian Isaacs - Executive Editor / Publisher

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