Comic Review: Dark Nights: Metal #2 (DC Comics)

The second chapter to the highly anticipated DC Comics/Batman Event is here!!! Dark matter is converging on different parts of the earth, and Batman is missing in action. Startled by […]

The second chapter to the highly anticipated DC Comics/Batman Event is here!!!

Dark matter is converging on different parts of the earth, and Batman is missing in action. Startled by this unforeseen chain of events, The Justice League is on the search for Batman, in an attempt from preventing him of unintentionally releasing an ancient threat that has plagued the caped crusader within the shadows since his existence, and quite possibly since the beginning of time itself. Batman is off on his own, investigating solutions to prevent the dark matter from engulfing the entire DC Universe. Can the Justice League get to Batman on time before he makes a universally, grave mistake? Can Batman put an end to the dark matter that’s surrounding earth? Or will Batman become his own worst enemy in the process?

Scott Snyder is really accelerating the speed of this event, pacing the entire issue smoothly. There are some really solid moments, and the seeds that have planted within his entire Batman run are now starting to come into fruition within this issue. Court of Owls, Endgame, are acknowledged, even Grant Morrison’s Final Crisis and the books that followed from his run along with Darkseid War are all acknowledged within this issue. Each situation has lead Batman to this moment and it feels rewarding for those who’ve read and have kept up with Batman for the past few years. But for newfound readers, it may be a bit to take in. This doesn’t mean that the story isn’t able to do its job at providing some bits of exposition while driving the plot forward. Snyder finds some solid balance between the characters within the story. There are some things that have come to mind in regards to the immortals in this book and their goals and how it will play out by the end of the series. In addition to Dream’s role within this series, I wonder how impactful will these characters be as the event goes forward? Other than that, the rest of the issue in regards to The Justice League is fun to see.

What I enjoy the most is Superman and Batman’s interactions and the growing concern that Superman has for Batman’s decisions. It’s fun to see Snyder write dialogue between these two because it’s not often that readers have seen Superman and Batman interact (even though he’s written both of these characters before, and have had them interact here and there). It’s nice to see the brothers and arms bond being displayed between the two, but it’s also nice to see how well planned and prepared Batman is even though he isn’t ready for what lies ahead and has doubt about the decisions he’s making. Some of the most interesting moments are the narrations that stem from the diary of Hawkman, and what his diary foreshadows throughout the issue and event. Snyder has a good head on his shoulders and one only hopes that the event itself is executed and wrapped up nicely when it nears the end.   

Greg Capullo is on top of his game and does not disappoint! His panel.layouts his character designs, each uniquely distinct, and each choreographed fight and scene are rendered skillfully and beautifully. There are some nice little nods to the Injustice video games, and Super Friends, which Capullo expertly sticks the landing in regards to his art. Although I will admit, it would have been cool to have seen the difference between the various members of the bat family when they disguised themselves as Batman during the Justice League chase sequence at the very beginning of the issue. I understand that visually, to throw the reader off that it’s a bunch of Batmen, it would have been nice to see a bit more distinction to show that it’s members of the Bat family and not visual copies of Batman. But then again, when it comes to being captured, they all have some tech on their cowls so it makes up for the minor nitpick. Regardless, Capullo along with Johnathan Glapion and FCO Plascencia are consistently knocking it out of the park in the art department.

This is a solid 2nd chapter and follows up to the first issue that shows that Snyder and Capullo are going all in, and displaying no signs of slowing down for this event. The story and pacing is solid, and the artwork is fantastic. You’d do yourself a disservice if you’re not picking this title up. Whether you like Snyder and Capullo’s  previous run on Batman,  a fan of the pre 52 , fan of the New 52, a fan of the current Rebirth line, or a fan of DC comics , or a comics fan as a whole, I think you’ll find something that caters to you within this issue and event. Thankfully, DC has been showing signs of promise and progress. As a Marvel fan, it makes me wonder what it would have been like if Snyder and Capullo did stuff with Marvel (because I think Marvel needs some new architects that could provide a more clear direction for the MU as a whole). Thankfully, Snyder and co were allowed to flourish and all the seeds they’ve planted during their time at DC are paying off with this event. Add this to your pull list!

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