Comic Review: Stephen McCranie’s Space Boy Volume 2 (Dark Horse)

Dark Horse Comics continues with the adventures of Amy and her new life on Earth on Stephen McCranie’s Space Boy on its second volume. This Webtoon based graphic novel was […]

Dark Horse Comics continues with the adventures of Amy and her new life on Earth on Stephen McCranie’s Space Boy on its second volume.

This Webtoon based graphic novel was the one that I got so thrilled to review and to read one of the vertical comic strips on my phone. So I did, but I can’t stop there. For some reason, it’s a great story to read, it just inspires by the hearts of children. It’s really good to be true, so I’ll be brief and continue going with this series’ reviews because the story gets more interesting to the readers out there.

So basically, Amy had her dreams of herself as a 6-year old but suddenly became angsty just because she left her home in space for a while and worried that she’ll never see her friend. Then she met the white-haired boy named Oliver, but then secretly known that someone or something is spying on him. But once she gets to know him, it’s pretty normal for her making friends, but for Oliver, it’s kind of a different story, like he’s in a different world. But that’s not important, but what’s important is about Oliver’s “flavor”, that’s right flavor, just like I wrote on my last review about the flavor that Amy has a sixth sense, and mentioned that is something that seemed to be a good person or not, same as trusting people, figuring out their personality. Oliver’s flavor seemed to be a mystery to her, but a bit of tenderness the flavor has it in him, even though after looking his painting, he said that this painting is “The Nothing”, in other words, an empty void of outer space. Well apparently his painting is more of a post-impressionism painting, than any other paintings that I’ve seen ever since I went to the MoMA museum on midtown Manhattan a few years, but of course, there is one which I can relate to. I think it was “The Starry Night” painting by Vincent van Gogh which is what caught my eyes from and my favorite. However, even if the painting is “The Nothing” maybe I would write a report about this post-impressionism painting, more like I’m going for a report for my art history class. Anyway, during her sickness for coming from the space colony, she had a dream of someone she knows, and…. yeah… This is quite bizarre, but the most important thing is that Amy is befriending Oliver and have a curiosity of who he really is. Will she uncover the truth? Will she be willing to get to know him even further?

The last thing that I didn’t talk about is Stephen McCranie’s art, his art is much more likely that you’re reading a children’s book, but the character designs looked amazing and charming. Even when Amy describe the flavors of these people, the art is giving much more of an expression, especially when Amy thought about Oliver’s flavor it seemed that McCranie is giving much of a flow to these characters, it’s the same as healing. Either way, McCranie took his precious time using art therapy to have the children some good sense just by reading this graphic novel with a lot of expressions. And that’s the KEY word here, “Expression and Healing” his work is heartfelt stories for all ages. Not to mention how every time when I read the first volume of the graphic novel, it seemed that it turned into a traditional comic book strips rather than the vertical ones. I would like to know how did he did it in the first place, but what I’m interested is to read an actual comic that has a decent comic template to follow and flipping pages, ever since I read one of the Captain Underpants books, I get the distant feeling about comics. I got to respect the author because he’s actually giving some love to the readers for making these kinds of stories, and as an artist, I nurture this piece of fine art and the story that the author creates and I would use it as an inspiration for me and my work. I’m not gonna encourage you for getting this book, but if you feel like reading it more and learning about his amazing story and art, then go for it.

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