Comic Reviews: Farmhand Vol.1 TP (Image)

Image Comics brings you a story of some scary farmer in the middle of nowhere in Farmhand on its first volume. So it comes to this, a story about scary […]

Image Comics brings you a story of some scary farmer in the middle of nowhere in Farmhand on its first volume.

So it comes to this, a story about scary stuff on a farm. Other than the meat comic that I read on Image, I don’t remember what is called but it’s way much more different than seeing Homer Simpson creating tomacco by using radioactive energy in his grandfather’s old farm, but then it made itself as an addiction for the people to eat. But no, we’re here to talk about the weirdest things that have to happen in someone’s farm that turned into hell.

So where do we begin? Let’s talk about the front cover, isn’t it a very intimidating way to look at the cover and see the farmer trying to water the soils of dead people. I couldn’t imagine something that so dark, but that almost reminded me of the tree from Berserk, when Guts was born from the top of the tree. Does that mean that there are pregnant people hanging up at the tree? And also, that farmer, what does he get with his obsession to create human cells right out of the plants which would be “fruits and vegetables” later, like what’s the deal of the story? Well, the story starts when the farmer’s son Zeke Jenkins is taking his family to see his father Jed Jenkins, however where they were going is much likely taking you to a research facility rather than a farm. The story shows how Jed came across to discover a mysterious seed that can change humanity right after he discovered something for his future. This is something that is too freaky for humans to experience, if you ever watched a zombie movie, then this comic would blow you away. The facility shows that Jed planted and grew so many human cell parts right off the plants by using the same seed.

Now, who the hell does that? I’ve never expected a story like this. But the most freaky part is when someone implanted that spy who tries to steal Jed’s plant parts, he just intended to make his artificial plant arm just to stick in it forever. There is something weird in that town and it’s getting ugly from time through time. I bet someone has so much time playing GTA San Andreas or played Call of Duty while getting stuffed on your face with Mountain Dew and Doritos, but whatever done to all of this, it turns out that his creations were a nightmare for the townspeople. I don’t even know what is going on, but humans and animals are being drugged by those same plants. Maybe it would be great if the title of the comic would be “Rob Guillory’s Farmhand: The Mad Farmer-Scientist Saga”

But now it’s time to talk about what is really disturbing about the comic. We all know that these human plant cells were freaky enough, but let’s focus on what going on. First of all, when you come across to the first few pages, you’ll see a zombie Jed buried underground and threatened his family through hell. However, he turned into a tree when he did tell him to leave him be, and this is actually your worst nightmare, but why? Where does he get so obsessed about his weirdest harvesting? Second is that mostly the plants are like heroin or marijuana, more or fewer humans and animals are becoming monsters just by eating or smelling it, at the time when Jed and his crew are harvesting these genetic plants which sooner or later become drugs. I mean does this happen on every shows that you’ve watched, whenever I saw the whole season 4 of Gotham, well other than Ivy Pepper, Butch was definitely turned into a freak after someone dumped him in a swamp with some chemical waste from Indian Hill. But seeing him fight in the arena as Solomon Grundy was awesome, he was like the badass version of Hulk and Thanos. But then he was recovered by turning back into his human form by Hugo Strange, and sadly he was shot and killed by Oswald Cobblepot for his revenge for killing his mother in cold blood at the end of the season. But, in this comic, Jed’s daughter went to visit some antique lady who sooner or later became the mayor of the town, she was really drugged by Jed’s plants and made her feel weird.

Farmhand is just another horror story which would focus the laws of nature with the study of science. I would believe that biology has gotten worse. It’s a decent comic to read, but going through some of these sickest scenes, it just almost seemed that you’re watching a zombie movie. The story and the art is so dark, even the character designs looked flawless. Are you kidding me? The art was that good and detailed, but why does the story have to be too dark? This is just another tip of an iceberg because this comic is mostly focus on science between human cells and harvesting. In conclusion, it’s a great comic to read, but actually, a scary one, even if you’re expected to read some of the darkest comics that you’ve ever read on Image. But it’s up to mother nature to do some work with the story. If you rather read another weirdest stories, then this comic is just for you.

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