Comic Review: Justice League #20 (DC Comics)

In order to save the universe from Perpetua and The Legion of Doom, The Justice League enlist the help of Mxyzptlyk. This leads The Justice League to the 6th dimension, […]

In order to save the universe from Perpetua and The Legion of Doom, The Justice League enlist the help of Mxyzptlyk.

This leads The Justice League to the 6th dimension, a dimension that offers a glimpse of the future. All seems well with the 6th dimensional Justice League, as they display a Utopia that the Justice League hope to achieve. But something is amiss about this world, and all isn’t as it seems.

What is Mxyzptlyk up to? What is the 6th dimensional Justice League hiding from the Justice League? Can Superman make it out of the dark dimension that he is trapped in? Or they all fated to meet their Doom?

This was an issue full of surprises. It’s surprising how Snyder and Jorge Jimenez work together as a team, especially given that this is Jimenez’s first time being a co-writer aside from being an Illustrator. Firstly, I have to say, when it comes to writing Justice League readers are no stranger to parallel Earth’s or other dimensions. Whether it’s the Crime Syndicate, the Justice Lord’s, etc, readers have seen it all when it comes to alternate versions of the world’s greatest superheroes. Yet despite these variations, we get a fresh glimpse at what this new variation of the Justice League is like. Snyder and Jimenez showcase a world where the 6th Dimensional Justice League have got most things figured out despite dealing with the same dilemma as our main heroes.

What’s great about this issue is we get to explain a little more about the 6th dimensional Justice League, how they got to the peak of where they are and how they solved the problems that our Justice League are currently dealing with. But there are some surprises in regards to what unfolds that Snyder and Jimenez unravel. And once readers see how things develop and are revealed, it’ll leave them wanting to see how things will turn out. One of the things that surprised me the most was how events unfolded and went against some of my expectations in a good way.

There are moments where I thought characters were gonna have conflict only to turn out differently than expected. This kept me on my toes because as I continued through the issue, I was surprised at how Snyder and Jimenez kinda tied things together, sewing more plot threads that continue to tie things all together. This provides a level of urgency that makes each issue such as this worthwhile to read into. Given the fact that in many interviews Snyder has spoken about approaching this Justice League run in a Jonathan Hickman fashion, it makes this series all the more worthwhile as every issue leads to something bigger, making it worth a readers time.

Now aside from the writing, if I haven’t already said it once before, then I will say it again… Jorge Jimenez is literally one of the best illustrators in the comic book industry, especially within the superhero genre. Every character, setting, design, page, and overall layouts look dynamic! Each panel on each page just stands out, forcing you to take your time to admire each scene as you read through the issue.

Jimenez’s designs of the 6th dimensional Justice League is amazing, but his ability to showcase mundane scenes with the same energy as his action scenes is so well illustrated that it’s hard to imagine how the earlier drafts might have looked. His art just oozes a sense of craftsmanship that you can’t help but stop and stare at each moment. It’s sometimes rare that one has to actually pace themselves just to soak in all of the sublime imagery that Jorge Jimenez delivers on the page. Because each detail that is scattered across the pages look effortless as if they were drawn with purpose, leaving no room for waste. Sanchez’s colors add so much power to Jimenez’s pencils that it adds even more flair to the robust art of Jimenez. Napolitano’s lettering is able to breathe, placed in all the right places, giving space for both the art and the lettering to correlate in harmony without crowding each other.

There is so much to unpack from this issue without spoiling it, but all I can say is, this is an I that is worth adding to your pull list. Simple as that. In this book you have a solid writing team, with a hell of an art department that unleashes just about every artistic arsenal that a superhero comic could ever retain, and an exciting story that makes it all the more worthwhile. Add this to your pull list, because you’ll wish you did.

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