Comic Review: Justice League #24 (DC Comics)

With the Justice League rescued by The future Legion of Doom, future Lois Lane and her army of soldiers tail them across space to neutralize all resistance that threatens the […]

With the Justice League rescued by The future Legion of Doom, future Lois Lane and her army of soldiers tail them across space to neutralize all resistance that threatens the balance of the future world that the Justice League are trapped in.

Meanwhile, the World Forger presents Batman the opportunity to change the world, but at what cost is Batman willing to pay? What choice will Batman make? Will he sacrifice his friends for the greater good? How will Superman escape the Fifth Dimension? And how will the Justice League defeat their future counterparts and the Forger?!

Scott Snyder understands who Superman is as a character, and what makes that character so significant to the hearts and fans of said character. What’s amazing is how well the Jon Kent and Clark Kent father/son moments are written to a point that it feels like as if the status quo of the Tomasi/Gleason run had been left intact before DC decided to, unfortunately, age Jon up during Bendis’s Superman run. Those scenes with Clark and Jon are so wholesome that it kinda left me feeling a little sad that we no longer have those moments now that Jon is aged up in the other titles. But Snyder works with what he’s got and he makes use of every moment that it provides the reader with enough excitement that you’re left wanting to see how much Snyder is willing to go, especially with the upcoming Year of the Villain storyline that promises to shake up every DC book this year.

Speaking of Year of the Villain, I couldn’t imagine that Snyder would write something where the Sixth Dimensional “future” take of the Legion of Doom is actually just as compelling as the heroes of the main title! That isn’t saying that I ever doubted Snyder’s writing abilities, its more or less how he was able to accomplish a task, in making a version of the Legion of Doom seem just as interesting, heroic and redeemable than the Justice League themselves, and most especially, more heroic than the Dark Knight himself! Its not often that writers get to write a version of villainous groups that showcase potential to be redeemed and to right the wrongs, but in this alternate “potential” future, it makes one wonder what a heroic Legion of Doom series would be like if there was ever one (which in that case, make that a limited series). But the writing in this arc is balls to the wall insane in the best way possible.

It’s clear that Snyder has had a set plan long before he started out his run, but to see so many things build up, foreshadow and come to fruition is amazing to witness. Jorge Jimenez and Snyder do a fantastic job at making every issue of the Sixth Dimension arc feel like a high octane adrenaline blockbuster movie that keeps on delivering with every page. It’s almost mind-boggling that Jorge Jimenez is able to keep up the quality of his artwork without ever losing steam! The layouts are dynamic, bursting with insanity that pulls the readers in for a roller coaster ride that they don’t want to end. Coupled with Sanchez’s amazingly vibrant colors and Napolitano’s lettering, this issue makes for another dazzling installment of this series arc.

I don’t have to say anything more that hasn’t already been stated, this series and its current arc is on fire, and it would be a shame for anyone to not want to bear witness the kind of world-building adventures that Snyder, Jimenez, and company are building. A worthwhile series that’s setting up so much that shouldn’t be missed by any means. I recommend picking this issue up for new comic book day and believe me, with the writing, story, and art, you wouldn’t regret it.

Anthony Andujar Jr.

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