Comic Review: The Flash #71 (DC Comics)

The journey through Barry’s early years as a novice speedster continues in chapter 2 of the Year One arc! After discovering his new found abilities, Barry pushed the limits of […]

The journey through Barry’s early years as a novice speedster continues in chapter 2 of the Year One arc!

After discovering his new found abilities, Barry pushed the limits of his abilities causing him to accidentally get stranded into the future where he meets…his future self! Lost in this future, how can Barry make it back home? Can Barry avoid the future that he witnesses or will he end up repeating the past that has yet to be?

If there is anything to say that readers can appreciate about Joshua Williamson, it’s his love for the Flash mythos and the attention to detail in his writing. There are numerous references that call back to what has occurred throughout the history of the Flash, and also calls back to what Williamson has established in his ongoing run. Usually, most characters have had either the Year One/zero year treatment (Batman), or the Secret Origins treatment (Superman, and Green Lantern). But I think this is the first time where a writer steps up to the plate to tell what could possibly be a definitive origin story that details Barry’s transition from neophyte speedster to the legendary hero that pop culture has come to know. It’s pretty awesome to see a different version of Barry from the future that actually looks awesome and is actually the most optimistic version of the character. There are tons of great moments that Williamson crafts that foreshadow what readers might see along the way during Williamson’s tenure.

Interestingly enough, I don’t know if it’s me, but throughout the entirety of Williamson’s run, and majority of the new 52 and Rebirth, writers such as Williamson and Snyder would make references to The Turtle, but readers would only read and hear about him, but never see him… It’s interesting because aside from Snyder’s Justice League book, readers haven’t seen the appearance current incarnation of The Turtle, and I have to say, I will comment more on this mysterious classic character. So before I continue, I must say this: SPOILERS, DON’T READ ANY FURTHER IF YOU WANT TO AVOID SPOILERS!!!!

Okay, this is gonna be a bit of a spoiler, but given that this is something that should be talked about, I think it’s awesome that Williamson is making the most of the various characters from The Flash’s rogues gallery. The debut and return of The Turtle is quite possibly the best visual incarnation of the character ever. His presence is more intimidating, and visually, he looks like he can actually do damage beyond just his abilities, making this update of the character awesome. I’m curious to see how Williamson’s plans for the Turtle will play out throughout his run, and whether or not it will coincide with Snyder’s Justice League title and Year of the Villain.

Howard Porter’s layouts and Hi-Fi’s colors is a match made in heaven as the pages spring with energy, adding another layer of power to the narrative and keep the story flowing. The pages with future Barry is some of Porters best work as he is able to convey the power and confidence of future Barry with his artwork, providing a balance and contrast to the young Barry that the story is centered on. The colors by Hi-Fi is energetic and provides beautiful contrasts that makes every scene pop with life. Definitely add this to your pull list for new comic book day!

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