Comic Review: Justice League #29 (DC Comics)

As The Justice League and The Legion of Doom prepare for the largest war that the multiverse will have ever known, there is one protector that stands watch. A protector, […]

As The Justice League and The Legion of Doom prepare for the largest war that the multiverse will have ever known, there is one protector that stands watch. A protector, who aims to strike before the Legion of Doom reaches their Apex. Who stands before Doom? Jarro, The Star Wonder, that’s who!

Can the League find the Legion of Doom in time to prevent their nefarious plans from flourishing? Can Jarro truly stop the Legion? Or will Jarro die away like his predecessor?

It’s safe to say that the real star of the show, is Jarro, and surprisingly, for a great Justice League series such as this one, I welcome it! From his adorable Robin outfit to his dialogue, he really has become a new fan favorite of the DC comics landscape. He is both hilarious and endearing, anytime he shows up in those series, it just adds a layer of fun that is impossible to resist. But Jarro aside, it’s a thrill to see Snyder and Tynion showcasing how the plot unfolds, with the Justice League dealing with the fallout with Martian Manhunter, and the desperation for new ideas that could counteract what Apex Lex and his Legion are plotting.

Despite this being a prelude, it is a much-needed breather issue that keeps the story going, but also provided a wealth of laughter for all readers. Even more, it’s surprisingly a good jumping on point for readers who have never read the prior issues, providing good exposition and context that catches readers up in regards to the entire run thus far. They even make great use of explaining very briefly about the different forces that exist throughout the DCU, which helps to contextualize the current state of the warring sides. Snyder and Tynion write a whole bunch of great moments with Jarro as he faces off with the Legion of Doom that will have you shouting “what!?” Due to how funny Jarro genuinely is. But despite Jarro’s adorable appearance, readers are reminded why he, like his predecessor Starro is a worthy opponent that is not to be taken lightly.

What’s amazing about this issue is how much Jarro actually holds weight in this series, and most especially in this issue! Readers who have stayed with this book from the beginning have witnessed just how much Jarro has developed and it feels earned to see Jarro in action that makes it plausible for him to do so. Yes, he’s an intergalactic starfish, but even an intergalactic starfish needs to have enough development to earn awesome moments that fit in line with his character. But man, when Snyder and Tynion deliver the twists oh do they deliver! Truly proving that this year truly is a year that belongs to the villains all along.

Story aside, man, Bruno Redondo’s artwork is amazing in this issue. It’s safe to say it was perfectly suited for this issue, and that should be no surprise given that he drew a majority of Injustice 1 & 2, which were full of holy crap moments to heartfelt ones. His use of panel layouts and his renderings of each of the characters and action make this issue an enjoyable read. Hi-Fi delivers in providing fantastic colorwork that brings out the very best from Redondo’s line work, and Napolitano’s lettering does the same, accompanying the visuals with well-placed dialogue.

It’s safe to say that this issue, which is a one-shot, is a pretty good one that is worth picking up. It’s fun to see how in every couple of issues, Snyder and Tynion make these breather issues that get readers up to speed, providing them with enough information to be on board, and onboard they should! This is definitely an issue worth adding to your pull list for new comic book day.

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