Comic Review: Justice League #31 (DC Comics)

The Justice Doom War rages on as members of the League are scattered across time and space as they race to collect the chronal fragments needed to turn the tide […]

The Justice Doom War rages on as members of the League are scattered across time and space as they race to collect the chronal fragments needed to turn the tide against the Legion of Doom.

But all is not as it seems, and with the league at a disadvantage, how will they prove successful in their efforts against the Legion of Doom, who are now one step ahead of them? Can the teams of the past, present, and future succeed in retrieving the fragments? Will Perpetua and Lex succeed in changing all of time and space? Or will the future form into the image of Doom?

I was surprised that there was another issue of Justice League that was being released a week after another given that the book tends to come out every two weeks. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that issue 31 was coming out a week after issue 30! I was surprised that DC would even make a move to just make the issue come out right after the last one, which leaves me wondering if this series will go from bi-weekly to weekly issue series?

Snyder and Tynion play fast and loose with the writing, guiding readers through the different time zones that each of the League members are scavenging through. This issue is filled with fantastic moments such as the Trinity teaming up with Kamandi, Flash and Green Lantern meeting with the Justice Society of America, and much more. The goal is simple, the League needs to find the chronal fragments that are spread throughout time and space, in doing so will help them get an edge in the war against Apex Lex and Perpetua. Snyder and Tynion provide fantastic interactions that thankfully avoid the outdated superhero fights that tend to happen when superheroes meet other superheroes.

This issue is paced so well that it by the time you put the book down, you end up realizing that it was a fast read despite the book being dense with content. What I enjoyed most about this issue aside from the pace is the insanity that ensues within the past and future. Seeing Kamandi witnessing a future where humanity survived is as joyous despite it being bittersweet due to the circumstances that the League faces. Yet with every page, Snyder and Tynion continue to deliver unexpected surprises that will leave readers questioning how things will shape to be due to the return of familiar faces and whether or not they will stand with the league or oppose them.

Jorge Jimenez’s rendition of the Justice Society of America is visually stunning and he was the perfect artist to capture the momentous return of these characters within the very pages of this book. The way Jorge Jimenez illustrates the worlds first superhero team is majestic, which is the kind of treatment that a team like that deserves since they’ve been absent from comics since the New 52 for some time. Not only does Jimenez do a fantastic job at illustrating the golden age of superheroes, but he does an even better job at illustrating the apocalyptic future that Kamandi lives in, where Brainiac has taken over the earth. There are some great easter eggs that relate to what Jimenez’s prior works on other books, and If you’re familiar with his work prior to Justice League and Superman, then you’ll definitely grin when you notice the visual references.

Overall, I had a blast with this issue from beginning to end! This book is without a doubt a book that is not to be missed upon release! I recommend picking this issue up and adding it to your pull list stat! Doctors orders! Okay, I’m no doctor, but I can promise that this issue will be worth your time and money for sure. Be sure to keep an eye out for it on new comic book day!

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