Comic Review: Strange Skies Over East Berlin GN (BOOM! Studios)

BOOM! Studios releases a comic about a tale in Germany where the Cold War still rampages over the country in Strange Skies over East Berlin the graphic novel. So if […]

BOOM! Studios releases a comic about a tale in Germany where the Cold War still rampages over the country in Strange Skies over East Berlin the graphic novel.

So if there’s a comic that you can think of world history and wars, then this book gives you a story about how Adolf Hitler makes it too impossible to take over the world and such. But the whole tale took place on the eastern side of Berlin. The story is written by Jeff Loveness and illustrated by Lisandro Estherren. Both of them presented that graphic novel which is a chilling thriller about a terrifying inhuman threat during the Cold War, even though there are heroes who can determine the fate of the world, which that would be told sooner or later.

The front cover of the comic shows an intense raw power of the main character staring at you, then the artist added an negative space to draw the Berlin wall which is the military or a prison, but what doesn’t make sense is that thing on the middle. Is that a shooting star or a rocket launcher? By the way, I like the quote that is written by Jeff Lemire, the one who wrote Gideon Falls comic, he quoted “This is a great book and the artwork is STUNNING.” That is true for the first part of Lisandro’s artwork, but that is yet to be seen. The story took place back in 1973 according to the first few pages, the writer interprets the whole plot that the wall cuts the world in half and it seems that the US has left Vietnam in ruin because of the war. The story starts when a spy from a foreign country who is out there investigating the wall to know what their objectives are, they’re out there to rescue Thomas, but unfortunately, by under circumstances the cops show no mercy and treats them as their enemy. I don’t even know where to start but what the main character claims that everything to him is a lie. Everything in this comic is about truth and lies and finding the secrets behind the war in order to save the world from chaos. There’s this part when one of the German soldiers is in custody and somehow he doesn’t seem to be himself, his eyes changed to blue and it’s leaking, and somehow he began to melt himself in progress. It was creepy and they took him in quarantine to lock himself up. All he ever says is “Open the door”, and that kind of disease just infected everyone else around the room. The reason is that the whole base is haunted by a skinny demon who let out those strange strings like jellyfish tentacles. Everything has some secrets but I’ve never expected to have a comic that is something beyond in a weird way.

The story is quite interesting and disturbing to know that there are some consequences to know whether you get to live or not, but their mission is to save the world. But the story just jumped into an alien invasion. It’s really ironic to see how the story has some secrets up ahead. Perhaps this is all based on truth and lies throughout the story. The art which Jeff Lemire mentioned on the front cover that the artwork is stunning, but I’d say that the art makes it more real and intimidating at the same time, the character designs are really good. The designs are like making you watch Akira movie all over again. Lisandro claims to be a comic artist based in Argentina, and his work includes comic book and graphic novel series and illustrations for international publishers. So Strange Skies over East Berlin, is a strange comic to know whether you’ll learn the truths and lies throughout the story and it’s more than just any war, but it’s also a fight of their lives.

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