Comic Review: The Lost City of Heracleon (BOOM! Studio)

BOOM! Studios release an original graphic novel which makes you think that every other world that takes you to another adventure in The Lost City of Heracleon. So what happens […]

BOOM! Studios release an original graphic novel which makes you think that every other world that takes you to another adventure in The Lost City of Heracleon.

So what happens if you take He-man, and taking the lost city of Atlantis in a nutshell, and convert it into an Ancient Egypt history of legends, you’ll get this book out the back of a dollar bill. To be honest, there are some stories that portray some lost civilizations around the world. But there is a mystery of how and why no one has discovered a lost civilization if this was Duck Tales, then Scrouge McDuck would have gone for an adventure looking for a legendary treasure that fell in the ruins. The story is written by Bruce Livingstone and illustrated by Mike Willcox. Bruce and Mike presented this comic as an epic adventure across space and time, but making this comic is like going over the whole SwordQuest marathon of every world of the elements just to get their hands with the magical sword.

The front cover shows a man standing in front of the pentagram circle which he’s about to summon satan. What’s strange about this cover is that when did he has a third eye on his forehead? Is he Tenshinhan from Dragon Ball? Most importantly, from the perspective this man is forming a triangle right out of the cover, if you’ve have learned about color theory, then this cover makes no difference of how is he forming the red triangle all over his body. Also, you can see his chest and his abs inside of his shirt. The story starts off in the middle of nowhere which is a beach house surrounded by black water and such, the children wanted to use the ham radio to listen as their grandfather said to them. And then they started touching everything, and then out of the blue, they get a call and info to have the coordinates from Stewart Stuart or Captain Shorty. Seriously? Why do you make a name that almost sounded the same, Stewart and Stuart? And then the children researched that man’s name and found something related to him and his adventures to search the lost city of Heracleon. And then after that, the children are embarking on an adventure to find the lost city. This is one of the strangest stories that come by on this comic when the kids met Captain Shorty, he shared his gadgets which makes it almost like magic because of the pentagram, but in reality, it’s actually a technology that can do whatever it does, like an AI. However, there is that story that he shared and that it happened 3 years ago, it was terrifying, and then the next few pages of the comic started to fill out the scary dialogues which are “So Dark…” “The Silence” “Terrifying”, something like that until he found a wrecked ship.

I forgot to mention is that the art is almost related to one of the exhibits on the MET museum or looking at one of the Frieze’s arts and paintings that happened in New York, so what my art teacher told. If you don’t believe me then please look it up, because it seems that I’ve seen that art style for a long time. Mike Willcox is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist in the U.S. He’s not only an artist, but he also creates as a writer, comedian, and musician. His work is established as symbolism, mysticism, and esoterica, which would mean that his artistic medium is focused on mentalism, psychology, and healing that can bring something in a good health. You might say that he’s good at dealing with making some art that focuses on healing, but this is the first graphic novel which he illustrated.

This comic focuses on magic and somehow it seems that the characters are dragged into an alternate universe. The Lost City of Heracleon is more than just any other civilization that you can find, there you’ll see that one of the main characters has turned into a lion and the female character turned into a man. I’m not sexist, this is actually coming from the graphic novel though. What everything is strange is that he kept saying “curse” as if everything is cursed around there. Then the children found their father and apparently, he’s running an empire, seeing his father is ruling an empire, along with the human and half-beast followers. The strangest thing follows a goddess named Ananke sent his daughter to perform a ritual by kissing them and she gets a strange glowing eye on her forehead. And no matter how many pages you’ve flipped over, the whole scenery is almost everything that you’ve seen in an art history museum. There is a lot of series of greek mythology, even Hercules and Zeus shows up of this comic. But this is what this story all about, just jumping through the storyline from time to time until they all got back to the real world without empty-handed.

The story is amazing because it takes you to a history lesson where the lost civilization. To define Heracleon, it’s an ancient Egyptian city that was buried around the Nile river which makes that place as an Egyptian Atlantis. I’ve never even heard of the lost cities other than Atlantis, it shows that there are remarkable treasures and histories that ever exists in a lifetime. Where they traveled under the sea with the submarine, it caused some magic to appear like the civilization still exists in their world. So, The Lost City of Heracleon is an amazing story of adventure to be explored and there’s a chance that everything you believe is more than a legend.

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