Comic Review: The Beauty of Horror: Haunt this Journal (IDW Publisher)

IDW Publishing releases a journal of a horror series to experience the magic and terrifying spells which is an adult coloring book in The Beauty of Horror: Haunt this Journal. […]

IDW Publishing releases a journal of a horror series to experience the magic and terrifying spells which is an adult coloring book in The Beauty of Horror: Haunt this Journal.

I’ve been expecting for some Halloween, but it’s too early for October, so I’ll start doing horror reviews for a moment, and experience this whole catastrophe of horrors while dealing with the other mass catastrophe of horrors. This whole series is created by Alan Robert, and the whole series has a mass volume of coloring books for adults who likes to paint red. He’s not only a comic creator, but he’s also an American singer-songwriter. He also created some comics which are Wire Hangers and Crawl to Me. The beauty of Horror is filled with some intricate, hand-drawn, pen, and ink illustrations that take the color enthusiast on a twisted journey of horror, which are clowns, zombies, serial killers, and much more. And I’m surprised that there’s a coloring book to review that way, but that said, I’m reviewing a journal.

The front cover shows a face of a girl doll which is turned out to be a living dead. But this doll is creepy though, and on top of that, it included with some sharp teeth, almost like a shark. Alan included this doll as the ghastly fan-favorite named Ghouliana, which actually made more sense of why this series is meant for the readers and viewers to experience true horror. And this character is like the daughter of Jack Skelington who shat an offspring right out of Dr. Finkelstein’s experiments. To be honest, I always thought that this would be another Tim Burton’s series, but I’ve never expected anything extraordinary than that. So on the starting page, Alan started to remind the readers that his character made this whole journal for you, and there you’ll put all her trust in her for the reading the journal, for the better or worse. This whole journal takes you to a list of instructions to follow up on this journal as if you’re performing a soul sacrifice to satan or performing some ritual. Here it starts by asking you to write your name backward and reflect that page to your mirror. Next, it asked you to light up a candle and have a spirit to ask questions and have the flame to interact by flame signals as a yes or no answer. That’s great though, should I invite this whole “Charlie, Charlie” ghost friend to come over and play with us? I might find myself derping into Ghoulina’s eyes for 13 seconds at a staring contest.

There are a lot of things that you can try according to the journal. Like writing your own spells, sleeping with the journal under your pillow, making a page of memento mori, have a friend to write your obituary, something like that and there’s more. If you want to enjoy Halloween quarantine of this year, this book has a lot of random stuff to practice your spells.

It’s really chilling, but Alan created this journal in purpose to show the readers to enjoy Halloween in October. For a coloring book series, this one seems to be more terrifying than ever. I can’t argue more that this book describes the whole definition of the horror genre out there. A journal like that should be shared with others to experience horror. The art is more likely inked everything in black, but it seemed that Alan put so many details to use pencils and ink to create the characters and some instruments. Speaking of character, the character design of Ghoulina has most likely resembled as a doll, but when I get to the following pages, her face turned out to be something that is related to the Dia de Los Muertos festival in Mexico, because of her face, it kinda look like a mask. And at the end of the journal, it gives you an option to share with a friend and tells you what you’re going to do with the journal with some checklist below. So the journal of Beauty of Horror is a fascinating experience to celebrate Halloween this year, and somehow this would make your dreams come true for this year.

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