Comic Review: Dracula, Motherf**ker! (Image Comics)

Image releases an orgy horror comic about how count Dracula actually has brides and betrays him in Dracula, Motherf**ker the graphic novel. So this is the comic that makes every […]

Image releases an orgy horror comic about how count Dracula actually has brides and betrays him in Dracula, Motherf**ker the graphic novel.

So this is the comic that makes every reader scratching their heads just the fact that Dracula is marrying one of the three women in the late 18th century. But what’s so confusing is that this is Halloween spirit and they’re writing a story about how is he a motherfucker in the first place? Unlike Castlevania or Helsing, this comic makes it more serious to know that vampires actually drinks blood for power or for sex. The story is written by Alex de Campi and illustrated by Erica Henderson. However, this graphic novel is more of an indie comic to me, judging by the look of this graphic novel, one of the authors did it very legit to create a graphic novel about count Dracula who fell in love or something which is new to me, but how is this going to be a story?

The front cover shows something coming out of a picture frame wallpaper artwork. However, there is not much to say about this cover, here we have a series of characters colored in a violet monochromic color, and so does the cross. Actually the cross, I believe Richter Belmont threw a purple Grand Cross all over the cover page, and the title though, I do like how the author decided to make a title which is uncensored to the reader by removing the “U” and the “C” as in “motherf**ker!” Great typography work though. The story starts with one of the biggest cliches in comic book history. The three women who were Dracula’s brides, prepared in arms just to impale his and sent him sleeping in the coffin, and that was in Vienna, the capital of Austria in 1889. The women sent him in a coffin to sleep for almost a hundred years, which is what you’re thinking right now of how Dio took Johnathan Joestar’s body to survive and slept for that day to come. So later in 1974, in Los Angeles, Count Dracula is on loose and started killing everyone at the party because some movie actress decided to poke him with a stick like a Buffon. And then make way to some idiot photographer who is hungry for money named Quincy Harker, and took photos of the people whose bitten by the vampire, even the actress. But later when he ran into a woman who wants to talk to him, the illusion of the monster appeared before him. I mean is that supposed to be Dracula? It doesn’t look like him, and it almost looks like that monster is transformed into the Alucard from Helsing. If it’s not enough, the women that Quincy met are already vampires, this is a series of plot twists that Dracula consumed so many women and became vampires for the time being. What will happen next?

The story is becoming more menacing as it should, and somehow, this comic is like Helsing Ultimate because the monster just turned the whole LA in calamity who likes to eat women. This is more than just a horror story, but it seems to be more real than I watched a Netflix film where the vampires are invading half of The Bronx community by shutting down the small business owners for the use of the real estate. Except for this comic, is like the monster itself is a motherfucker who likes to eat women and make them as its slaves. The art is a no brainer because whenever I witnessed the design of Dracula, it seems that he performed a ritual to turn himself into a calamity. At first, when I started reading this comic, the image of Dracula is fully a monster instead of a vampire form. The face and its teeth are most likely of how Alucard will transform that way. What kind of concept does the artist decide to make him into an evil spirit? Speaking of evil spirits, the brides, what are their purpose to marry Dracula for? The character designs of the brides of Dracula’s are more like hookers, but how does one monster actually make them a vampire? I can’t say for sure, but the story is wicked that I ever read. Dracula, motherf**cker is actually a mind-blowing story to read and it would be more of a horror story that you’ll read in this year’s Halloween.

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