Comic Reviews: Pearl Jam: Art of Do the Evolution (IDW Publishing)

IDW Publishing releases an art book based on an animated version that was premiered on MTV, an animated music video book of Pearl Jam Art of Do The Evolution. So […]

IDW Publishing releases an art book based on an animated version that was premiered on MTV, an animated music video book of Pearl Jam Art of Do The Evolution.

So this is based on an MTV music premiere animation in the late 90s where everything in the 90s was awesome back then, however, IDW brings you an art book filled with a lot of work of progress to make an animation such as this one. Now I’m very familiar with the Pearl Jam band, I’m actually a fan of rock music. But when my professor introduced the whole class to this band, the animation looked so flawless and it teaches how time actually makes it so consuming to humans and living beings. The whole work of animation is written by Joe Pearson, and Robbie Robbins, and the animators that I’m familiar with is one of the co-directors who made and animated Batman in 1992, which is Kevin Altieri, and for quoting who is made by Todd McFarlane, creator of Spawn. I’m not actually an animator, in training, but whenever I watch this animation, it shows no difference that I’m seeing another Batman episode throughout time. But there is more to it because this book contains every work that makes any other Batman animation look so fucking beautiful in the first place. Joe Person is the CEO of Epoch Inc. Animation who made this animation along with the co-directors. Creating this animated and rock and roll shares something in common, because both are the most collaborative in the arts, meaning that every media contains much more powerful joint to create a masterpiece combining with music and art at the same time was an idea, and this is where it comes in with the animated music video that met one of the strongest animated music videos at all time.

The front cover shows a looped scene of a whale jumping from the bloody sea, and there’s a harpoon that impaled the whale. And there’s a yield sign that is so vulnerable, some thugs just shot the sign many times as if there’s a war going on over the sea. The coloring is amazing, while I was going over studying the colors in order to have something good for my project, and whenever I watch every episode of Batman The Animated Series, the coloring makes it so good to be true, that every fan is very amazed to witness how the animation experience some movement and emotion made it such a masterpiece in the 90s. I would study Altieri’s art style because it seems that this mostly goes beyond the arts, but I wish that I get to see more animations from him. So basically, this artbook is a whole series of how the animation progress has made, and going under interviewing their work along with Epoch ink shows these pages of rough drafts and storyboards of the animation. What I like about this animation is that when the time comes by, it evolves drastically from every era of this world until it went this world to waste, from life and death at the same time. First, we get to the introduction written by Joe Pearson, this is more of a documentary from those who animated this music video along with the interviews with Terry Fitzgerald, Todd McFarlene, and Kevin Altieri. The first thing that I witness in the animation is when the planet collides and there’s the sperm which makes the evolution started growing. This is much like the basic study of evolution from sea critters, to a monkey, to cavemen, to man. Not to mention the landscape is exceeded whenever time jumps to another era.

Now, this death girl is what makes her so beautiful whenever she dances as a sexy vixen and it makes it so memorable for the viewers. According to them, the death girl is the most iconic character and popular character in this animation, Kevin created this character right off the bat which is like the female human version of Harley Quinn, so there’s a good thing about this Harley Quinn inspired character. She is both a spectator and an ironic commentator in dark story history. There are some scenes of her whenever she is sporting the Nazis, the U.S. Military as she wears a soldier’s helmet. The character design of her makes it so beautiful every other fan liked it, I can’t think of any other character that combines a sexy and dangerous personality of her which she would lure you with her mischievous smile. I rather have a girl in real life who actually lures me a nice and sweet smile while she dances so beautiful which would make my heart melt and my face turns all red, very stunning, not being a creep that kind of affection just made me all goofy, but I’m going over the basics of every character’s personality.

The other scenes took a time loop of what changed history throughout time, as I started witnessing that it’s raining men falling from the tallest building. While there’s a war going on, a blacksmith is forging a sword, the crucifix seller, the Native American’s face who is getting infected by a virus, the industrial revolution, politics, and more. It’s a weird video animation, but in a good way, and I would have doubt that this is the best music video animation that I’ve ever seen.

The book has a lot of animation progress with rough drafts and such, unlike every other book, this one is known to study Kevin’s art style and what makes this animation so great. I’m actually inspired by the animation though because of the way that the characters interact, it almost seems that this whole video makes it so amazing it makes the Pearl Jam band looked so awesome whenever they sing and the animation plays all over the video. Pearl Jam: Art of Do the Evolution book is an amazing book to witness the animation and it would make a learning experience for those who study animation.

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