Comic Review: The Beef #1 (Image)

Image Comics proudly presents an American stereotype comic book about meat and hamburgers in The Beef on its first issue. Say, America, have you ever eaten a dozen of beef […]

Image Comics proudly presents an American stereotype comic book about meat and hamburgers in The Beef on its first issue.

Say, America, have you ever eaten a dozen of beef and never realize what makes you feel good about eating some good old-fashioned burgers? The story will be told in this comic where the whole country is corrupted by some meat addiction. Obviously, the comic actually talks about food where everything began with the burgers, but probably this comic of The Beef, is almost appeared to be McDonald’s evil twin which is The Beef, but the story would be different than anything else. But whenever I see the cover of this comic, the designer, John Roshell just actually took an image of a canned beef and replaced it into a finished photoshop project of his artwork of the comic. I mean, that’s incredible, that he actually designed it, just by looking at it, it’s almost that he did an inspiration of Andy Warhol’s cans of Cambell’s soup, will this would make the designer to open an art exhibition about the beef? But looking at the corned beef, I wonder if someone would do the same for the Spam canned beef? Well enough small talk, let’s get over to this…

So the story is about how everyone is so addicted to the burgers, they go crazy with all the beef shit, so most of the meat are produced by some people at the steakhouse taking care of the cows. However, a boy named Chuck was so addicted about the burgers in the past, so he could actually eat the burgers, but didn’t know where it came from. It’s the same as McDonald’s, except all the meat that they produced were pink as shit, whenever I saw on a Youtube video of how the hamburgers, chicken nuggets, and other meat were made of. It’s disgusting, I swear that my friend showed me that video, and it just blew my mind, and I took the finger at the screen at the end. So as I were saying, the townspeople get their taste of their burgers while idling, the whole meat that came from The Beef fast food restaurant happens to have some side-effects as they drink the soda from that restaurant that added some toxin from the juice and the strawberries from the farm which somehow will transform as a human anatomy freak who ate all the hamburgers. Then after that, some douchebags stabbed a cow on its back and tries to rampage and almost attacked a woman with some big knockers, like that crazy woman from the serial killer horror game, and killed the cow out of nowhere. There is something strange going on with the hamburgers, but no one ever knows what will happen to the townspeople.

For some reason, this is very rare to read a comic about hamburgers, not that matter that this comic will make you go out and buy a quarter pound burger from McDonald’s or a cheeseburger from Shake n’ Shack. But this comic is more than that, the fact that I conclude the fact about eating the meat from fast food restaurant and my reaction after I saw the McDonald’s meat video: when I see how they make the burgers with pink goo, I get fuckin’ sick. Well no matter, how I think about hamburgers, it almost makes me want to eat one, well yeah. Anyway, the story is something else from what I said about McDonald’s earlier, but there are other stuff that come from food itself. The art is more like what they done about the comics in the 30s like Superman or Batman. However, the anatomy of the person on the cover is pretty exposed as it should be. But the random part is the blonde woman on the last page of the comic with the big titties. However, the thing about the comic is that it reveals a shocking truth that anyone would ever know. If you guys actually rather find out about the shocking truth about this meat madness, then this is for you. And better grab a mask, because this is going to smell so bad for the meat that you’re about to eat.

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