Dynamite Comics releases a horror-themed Halloween comic of the first volume of the haunted Pumpkinhead.

It’s time for Halloween spooky season, now this time, I’m going myself to do some Halloween themed comic reviews, and this is one that fits exactly for a scary story of the year. Pumpkinhead, this comic is nothing like watching a Charlie Brown movie where Linus believes that the “Great Pumpkin” truly exists that he hopes that it would bring lots of presents. But the present that we would acquire is this comic that has something to do with Pumpkins, thank god for Jack Skellington. This comic focuses on a demon who goes around to find revenge and all, but it must be tough that this monster won’t rest until you’re dead.

First things off, everyone would think that the Pumpkinhead is actually a Pumpkin on a monster’s head, but no. The cover of the comic shows an actual demon which has nothing to do with the pumpkin, but fortunately, there was a corpse buried on the pumpkin patch in the graveyard. The demon is actually more like when you’re dealing with the alien with its weird tongue from Alien Isolation. I do get the story from the old lady in the cottage, but how did this thing exist? Somehow it turned out to be scary as it is.

The plot of the story is that the same old lady who told the story about the demon is hiding somewhere at the pumpkin patch and left a famous quote on the cover and the story “For each of man’s evils, a special demon exists.” I believe that it’s a curse because somehow humans have some traits that would bring evil forth on the depths of the earth. But surely it’s more like an actual Halloween story, but not on this one, some douche named Clayton Reese killed the children and drove off and the Pumpkinhead is going after him for vengeance. I expect nothing for a Halloween story but then some witches used black magic to summon the demons from hell to kill him, the old Pumpkinhead gets to do their dirty work to bring chaos to this world.

To think that the creator would make a Halloween story about the Pumpkinhead is probably gives the spooky vibes for this year’s Halloween. And it’s really menacing to see that the monster was hiding on the pumpkin patch, there’s a lot of scary stuff going on there, besides clowns, all we get is some monsters that came from the depths of hell and it’s so awesome to come up with something. The art is amazing to tell that one of the characters of the story is much scarier like the old lady or the monster, and the background seemed to be like you’re going to a dark forest like playing a game. It’s like when you’re playing Capcom’s classic game of Ghosts N’ Goblins where monsters come forth at you, and you have to get the knife to kill ’em all until you reach the final boss without screwing it up. But going over with the plot of the story is so satisfying. If you’re really bored right now and wanted to read some scary vibes for this year’s Halloween, then this spooky graphic novel is just for you.

By Kevin Bermeo

I'm a New Yorker Artist, and I traveled a lot. I enjoy making comics, illustrations, paintings, and digital art. Besides drawing, I'm also a writer, I used to be a Gamer, and I love adventures, food, and dragons.