Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans is an animated feature film crossover between the television series Teen Titans GO! and the Teen Titans.

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This feature-length Blu-ray/DVD was a direct to video release from DC. This movie was one that I was excited for. I am a HUGE fan of the original cartoon series and although my hatred for the chibi animation style of GO they have been growing on me as of late. The excitement to see the two teams interact and to see how the voice actors take on the same characters differently is worth the watch! I liked the serious tones of the old Teen Titans, and I do understand that the GO version is what kids like these days but it never really resonated with me. The last feature Teen Titans GO! to the Movies started to change my feelings about GO.

There are TONS of jokes in this feature, and most made me really laugh out loud while watching this with my daughter. The plot is on point, the story progresses, and the ending will leave you cheering! We have all the cast that we know and love working double duty on this feature. My favorite is Khary Payton’s Cyborg as he really hits it home with how different both Cy’s really are. Even Wierd Al reprises his role as Darkseid!

The film opens with the Teen Titans Go! team battling the Gentleman Ghost as he attempts to rob a bank. When Gentleman Ghost attempts to possess Raven to escape, he cracks her gem, which unleashes some of her inner demonic power. To get some answers they see Trigon and reveals that Raven’s demonic half is slowly taking over her and will eventually consume her. Trigon offers to take it away, but she refuses to give it to him.

The Titans are abducted by a being who explores the multiverse with his Worlogog to find the best versions of particular heroes. To make this easy to understand I will use 2013 to determine the GO! team and 2003 for the OG team. He puts the 2013 Titans against the original 2003 animated Titans, who agree to fight after a threat to destroy their Earth. 2003 Robin and Cyborg manage to take out all of the 2013 Titans with the exception of Raven. Raven realizes the Master of Games is siphoning her demonic energy. The Master of Games reveals himself to be 2013 Trigon, who needs Raven’s energy to resurrect 2003 Trigon. The two Trigons kidnap the Ravens and escape to the 2003 Earth to finish absorbing 2013 Raven’s powers so they can conquer the multiverse.

The two Titans teams agree to work together to stop the Trigons and rescue their Ravens. The two teams escape by using a device to travel between dimensions and eventually make it to the 2003 Earth just after 2003 Trigon completely absorbs 2013 Raven’s powers. Fed up with his counterpart’s insults, 2013 Trigon consumes 2003 Trigon and transforms into a new powerful being named Hexagon. Funny Jokes ensue when he introduces himself.

2003 Robin uses their Worlogog to summon Titans teams throughout the multiverse to form the “Titans of Infinite Earths”. However, Hexagon proves to be too powerful. 2013 Raven evens the odds by absorbing all of her counterparts and transforms into a dragon known as “The Unkindness”. The Titans destroy Trigon’s Worlogog and assist getting Raven her powers back. The film is full of songs that we have come to love with the GO! franchise. The treat is when the Titans of Infinite Earths are summoned because fans of all Genres will get a treat! Even comic heads that are fans of George Perez’s work will get a nod!

The Blu-ray has a ton of Special Features as well…

9 Cartoon Episodes that include gems from GO! and the original series including ‘How Long is Forever” from the 2003 series when Starfire gets transported 20 years into the future.

Teen Titans Go! Top of the Titans: The Raddest Songs  – A Teen Titans Go! special mini-series hosted by Birdarang, who counts down the top 12 “Raddest” songs from the show.

Teen Titans Go! Top of the Titans: Titans Dance Party  – A Teen Titans Go! special mini-series hosted by Birdarang, who counts down the top 13 best dance songs or moments from the show.

Teen Titans Go! Top of the Titans: Best Rivals – A Teen Titans Go! special mini-series hosted by Robin, who counts down the top 15 best rivals from the show.

Sing-along  – Join in and sing-along with “We are Teen Titans” and the “Worlogog” tunes featuring Cyborg, never before on video!

I will admit again that this old Teen Titans fan had a lot of fun with this movie. This gets a 9.4 out of 10!!

By Jason Quaregna

Jason Quaregna (or JQ to the online world) is making his return to the Fanboy Factor after a brief hiatus. JQ is a single father of 2 beautiful girls, a computer teacher by day, and comic book store clerk by night. He is a HUGE Batman fan but does enjoy reading the other members of the Bat-family, X-Men, Spider-Man, Boom Studio's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and many many others. He is also a big toy collector with Japanese imports being his personal favorite. His personal favorite import line is the S.H. Figuarts Super Sayan (Power Rangers), Star Wars, and MCU collections. JQ is also a Batman Black and White Series statue collector.